If you’re passionate about writing but have been experiencing writer’s block, or you simply want a change of scenery, why not seek out a writing retreat? There are many places across the country that host writers retreats, many of which are in beautiful locations, offering a combination of workshops, tours, and networking opportunities for writers. Check out these eight great writing retreats in the United States, which will inspire your creativity and maybe even kick start your next great novel or screenplay.

Find Your Creativity at these Relaxing Writing Retreats

1. Monterey Writer Retreat

Designed for aspiring authors, fiction writers, and memoirists with work in progress, this five-day retreat on the Monterey Peninsula in Central California is located only a block from the ocean. The retreat takes place on November 2 to 6, and three of the best developmental commercial fiction editor-agents in the business will be available from 9am to noon during each day for one-one-one sessions with writers. Each writer gets to choose their own focus and attendance, and sets their own specific goals for the retreat, which includes improving editing skills, having work read and critiqued, and more.

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2. The Taos Writer’s Retreat

Founded by best-selling author Jennifer Louden, this bi-annual retreat accepts 23 women each year for the week-long program in Taos, New Mexico. Attendees spend time together connecting and discussing writing, books, and characters while gaining new insight into the craft of writing and reconnecting with their passion and inspiration. Many come away with lifelong friendships that were forged during the course of the retreat, which runs from April 30 to May 6, and July 30 to August 5.

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3. Montauk Oceanfront Retreat for Writers

From April 30 to May 2, this East Coast writers retreat in New York is organized around an open-ended theme chosen for its ability to stimulate fresh ideas and is designed for aspiring writers of all levels. This beautiful beachside retreat includes ocean views, six writing conferences with in-class discussion, out-of-class writing exercises, flexibility and freedom to create original writing or focus on a current project, and allows ample time for writing in private, socializing with other writers, and sightseeing.

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4. Mokule’ia Writers Retreat

If Hawaii wasn’t perfect enough on its own, now here’s another reason to visit. This annual gathering brings three dozen writers to the famous North Shore on the island of Oahu to participate in one-on-one coaching sessions and intimate workshops. The retreat also fosters several amazing exchanges between islanders and mainlanders, published writers and aspiring writers, Native Hawaiian artistry and mainland publishing. The laidback retreat is led by author and Hawaiian native Constance Hale, and includes morning yoga sessions, daily group workshops, private writing sessions, and hula dancing. Retreat dates are from May 7 to May 12.

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5. Atlanta Writers Conference

Ideal for the career-minded writer who wants to get published, this conference in Georgia offers many interactive opportunities for attendees, including a Q&A panel with editors and literary agents, an intensive marketing campaign workshop, as well as manuscript and query letter critiques. The two-day conference, which takes place November 4 to 5, will feature a special two-hour workshop with a senior marketing associate at HarperCollins Publishers, who will discuss in greater detail the strategies and elements necessary for creating a marketing platform.

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6. Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference

Located in the picturesque setting of Homer, Alaska, this nationally recognized conference takes place June 10 to 14 and offers workshops, readings and panel presentations in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and the business of writing. At the heart of Alaska’s growing literary community, this conference started in 1992 and continues to celebrate and foster the connection between writers and readers with a focus on community and craft.

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7. Santa Barbara Writers Conference

This historic conference in the beautiful beach community of Santa Barbara, CA has been running for 40 years and includes notable alumni such as author Christopher Moore, Monte Schulz, and more. More than 20 different instructional workshops are offered each day, ranging from screenwriting and poetry to nonfiction and children’s literature. Attendees have the option of sampling them all in small amounts, or settling down in just a couple of workshops each day. In the late afternoons a guest speaker comes or a panel is held, and in the evening a major author comes to speak to the group. There is also an Agent/Editor Day where attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings with the agent or editor of their choice to discuss their work and pitch their ideas. The conference is held every year for a week in June.

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This article was written by Kamala Kirk.