There's a silver lining in the end of summer - beer festivals! If you love beer, fall is a great time to travel the world because there are many festivals that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Nothing beats trying a beer from a brewery that's hundreds of years old, surrounded by friendly people. These 7 festivals are particularly noteworthy - it's time to plan your trip!

Don't Miss These Fall Craft Beer Festivals All Over The World

1. Belgian Beer Weekend, Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by the Belgian Brewers Association, the 18th annual Belgian Beer Weekend will take place from September 2nd-4th in Brussels. The festival will include a brewer’s parade, beer wagons, brewery carts, and is free to the public! If you want to explore more, the festival even offers day trips to Luxembourg, Ghent, and Amsterdam. Transportation around the city is easy, and you can easily take taxis, buses, and of course walk to and from the event. Accommodations are everywhere around the city, whether you would like to stay in a hotel, a hostel, or an apartment vacation rental.

2. Wessex Beer and Cider festival, Chilcompton, England

The 10th annual Beer and Cider Festival in small town of Chilcompton, near Bath, will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Somer Valley from September 2nd-3rd, and will offer many fun activities such as live entertainment and dancing. The festival is also a fundraiser for Children’s Hospice South West and other charities in the area, so your beer drinking will support a worthy cause. Transportation throughout the town include walking, taxis, or bicycles. There are many vacatuib rentals that can accommodate festival participants around the area as well. If you are feeling adventurous, day trips from Chilcompton include excursions to Bath and other cities throughout England.

3. Villaggio della Birra, Bibbiano, Italy

Held in the Tuscan village near Buonconvento, this event will be held from September 9th-11th, and will mark the 11th year of this popular event. Enjoy live entertainment, incredible food to go with your beer, and artwork for display and sale. Excursions from the area include trips to other Italian cities and landmarks, such as Milan and Rome, or around the beautiful countryside in Tuscany. Transportation around the area include taxis and buses, and hotels and vacation rentals are all over the area.

4. Toronto Beer week, Toronto, Canada

This nine-day celebration of local craft beer, starting on September 16th, will include 70 different venues around the city. If you ever run out ideas, there are plenty of things to do in Toronto, such as going to a sporting event or exploring smaller towns nearby. Transportation is great in this city and includes the metro, trains, buses, and taxis. Many rentals are located around the city for the accommodations of any guests that wish to attend. Other activities that are part of the festival include beer cruises, pub crawls, and a beer historical tour.

5. Cheshire Beer festival, Chester, England

The 2016 Cheshire Beer festival will be held on November 11th and 12th this year - a nice time to warm up with some quality brews. Things to do at this festival include food, pub games, along with live music. Places to go outside of Chester include trips to the local Chester Zoo and other small towns in the charming English countryside. The main modes of transportation used will be bus and taxi, and many rentals are provided for accommodation purposes.

6. Beertopia, Hong Kong, China

The 5th annual Hong Kong Beertopia will take place from November 18th-19th and is Hong Kong’s biggest beer festival. There will be live music and games as well as beer and food. For more adventure, day trips are offered all around the historic city of Hong Kong, as well as outside of it. Finding accommodation is easy in this city, and the main mode of transportation there is to take the bus or ride a bicycle.

7. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Munich’s 183rd Oktoberfest will be hosted from September 17th until October 2nd, and is known as the largest and most famous beer festival in the entire world. Events include parades, dances, and many more fun and exciting offerings, and excursions away from Munich include trips to historic monuments and cities in Germany. The main mode of transportation here will be a taxi, but there are also buses and shuttles offered as well. Stay in a vacation rental or an old hotel in the middle of the city!

This article was written by Nic Shipley.