It’s time to hit the beach! Make sure you don’t forget your towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, and your best pal—your pup! But before you bring along that four-legged friend, here are some known dog-friendly beaches in the sunny land of San Diego.

7 Beautiful Dog Friendly Beaches In San Diego

1. The Original Dog Beach, Ocean Beach

This nationally famous dog beach was one of the first in the area to allow you to have your dogs around off the leash. Be sure to clean up after your pup, and double check that all their vaccinations are up to date if you want to stop by this beach. Your dog also has to be given a collar from the County Department of Animal Services, so if you want to come here, make sure you give yourself enough time to get everything done!

2. West Beach, Del Mar

In the city of Del Mar, dogs are always welcome. This beach allows dogs to run under voice control nine months out of the year, with the other 3 months requiring a leash. The entire beach is great, but the most popular place for canines is the North beach area. There’s also a playground if you decide to bring the kids along too!

3. Fiesta Island, Mission Bay

A good majority of this beach is reserved as leash-free for dogs. Fiesta Island is more of a dog park than a dog-friendly beach—sand dunes for climbing, wildlife for chasing, and water for splashing around in. Although it is nice to play with your dog off the leash, you should bring one just in case: other dogs might not be as friendly.

4. Coronado Dog Beach, Coronado

Coronado is one of the most scenic beaches in San Diego. Be sure to have your dog leashed up until you reach the sand, or else you’re going to face a hefty $500 fine! One you hit the water; your dog can roam free, as long as they are well trained. Coronado is a great beach for a nice relaxing day out with your dog.

5. La Jolla Shores Beach, La Jolla

Pronounced ‘la HOYa’, this beach is perfect for bonding with your pup. Bring a Frisbee to throw, or a ball toy that they can play with so you can have fun in the sun! The beach is open for dogs year round after 6pm, and after 4pm in the winter.

6. Pacific Beach

Pacific beach is the place to be for the younger crowd. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, but they are allowed to be walked along the board walk. If you want to make a trip here, bring the pup for a nice walk, and check out some of the nice dog-friendly restaurants near by.

7. San Elijo State Beach, Cardiff By The Sea

This beach allows you to have your dog if you bring a leash. There isn’t a lot of sand in this area, but it’s perfect for taking a walk, or going for a swim and playing in the water with your canine friend. You can even plan a nice picnic at the park area near by, where you can play catch and other fun games with your dog!

This article was written by Kellyn Nettles.