Rehoboth Beach is a coastal town in Delaware, with a seasonal population that soars to nearly twenty times the size of its local population in the summertime. This comes as no surprise, given that more than 20 million people live within a few miles’ radius of Rehoboth Beach. It's a booming tourist town that's an integral part of Delaware's Cape Region, aka Delaware's Beaches. The region was recognized for its clean water supply, ranking first among the 30 US states with a coastline.

Seasonal crowds flock to Rehoboth Beach for fun, sun, and a small town vibe with all the perks of a bigger beachtown. The great thing about this vacation spot is that it's travel friendly for people of all ages. Seniors citizens make up a large portion of both the seasonal and local demographic, with 37.5% of locals being 65 years of age or older. With all there is to do and see, it’s no wonder so many seniors choose Rehoboth Beach to settle down. And the fact that it’s still such a vacation hotspot after all these years leaves much to be said about its residents, vibe and local scene. Here are 6 fun activities for senior citizens in particular might find enjoyable at Rehoboth Beach.

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What to do in Rehoboth Beach: 6 Top Activities of Seniors

1. Take a Scenic Stroll

Take a stroll along Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk for a walk to engage your senses. It’s a short walk from end to end, but there are enough sights for some decent people watching, plenty of smells for your olfaction satisfaction, and just enough sounds to fill the air. It’s great for Seniors who are traveling with their families, but also for solo travelers who like to be around people of all different ages and backgrounds. There’s just something about boardwalks that attracts tourists, so even newcomers to Rehoboth Beach won’t feel out of place.

If you want to get outside for some fresh air, the Junction and Breakwater Trail is a scenic and well-kept biking and walking trail that runs from Lewes to Rehoboth Beach. It’s great for Senior citizens because there are benches scattered along the way, fellow trail-users are friendly conversationalists, and the trail is a whole new world of peace and quiet compared to the loud and crowded beach scene during peak holiday season.

2. Shop

Before you dismiss shopping as a frivolous activity, remember that sometimes it’s more about the experience than the actual purchasing of things. Penny Lane Mall is a little alley of shops along the Rehoboth main drag made up of an eclectic selection of shops that can only be described as “quaint.” Have a young grandson or daughter whose birthday is just around the corner? There’s a toy shop (that’s right-“shop,” not store), or a novelty shop called Fun for All where you might be able to pick up something a little offbeat and a little less mainstream. Be sure to save your cents for the “penny” candy they sell.

If you actually want to go shopping, Tanger Outlets Rehoboth Beach is great for Seniors. The outlet offers a coupon book for AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members, which has great deals on fashion items, home décor, and more.

If you prefer local fare and produce, Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market is open every Tuesday from May to mid-November from noon to 4PM. It’s a one-stop shop to get a taste of Rehoboth Beach, meet local farmers, and chat with local shop owners. It’s located just behind the Visitor’s Center near a small park, so there are ample places to sit and take a breather throughout the afternoon.

3. Eat at Rehoboth's Great Restaurants - (and Find Senior Discounts)

Perhaps eating to your heart’s content is never a great idea, but Rehoboth Beach sure has a lot of options that beg to differ. The culinary scene in the area is surprisingly diverse, with options ranging from familiar-with-a-twist, such as the Jerusalem Artichoke soup at Blue Moon Restaurant, or the adventurous, like the stewed rabbit dish at Back Porch Café.

If you’re looking for some Senior discounts, Tokyo Steakhouse offers 20% off for Senior citizens on Wednesdays, as does Kick N’ Chicken on Savannah Road. If you want an early bird special, Just in Thyme gives discounts from 5-6:30 pm 7 days a week, with selected dishes from $12.95 to $14.95. The Cottage Café also has a 15% discount for early bird diners before 5 pm. DiFebo’s Bethany Beach has a whopping 25% discount between 5-6 pm from Monday-Thursday, and $8 lunch specials Friday-Sunday.

4. Play Trivia and Sing Karaoke

Rehoboth Beach just has a fun vibe, and even chain restaurants like Applebee’s are jumping on the bandwagon. On Tuesdays, the Applebee’s opens the floor for live karaoke and on Wednesdays, the restaurant hosts Trivia Night. Blue Moon also has Karaoke & Martinis with Mona on Thursday evenings from 9:30-11pm. If that’s a little too early for your liking, Gray Hare Tavern has live entertainment on most evenings, featuring live acoustic music from 10pm on Thursdays, and bands and a DJ on Saturday.

Show off all the trivia knowledge you’ve picked up over the years at Abbott’s Grill on Tuesday evenings, and teach those “kids these days” something new. Happy Hour is also a big part of the Rehoboth Beach scene, and you’re bound to find one great deal or another. Pick a restaurant and settle down, or take a walk on the wild side and bar hop. Rehoboth Beach’s night life can be just as exciting for Senior citizens as for anyone else.

5. Feel like a Kid Again at Funland and the Rehoboth Beach Museum

If you want to rewind the clock even further, check out some of these kid and Senior-friendly activities. Funland is a lowkey and inexpensive way to enjoy the amusement park experience. There are lots of rides that even the older demographic can enjoy, and who says people grow out of carnival games? Be warned that if you don’t like crowds, need somewhere to sit every few feet, and don’t like rides or games, Rehoboth Beach’s Funland isn’t the place for you. But if you still want to feel the excitement of being a kid again, why not check out the Rehoboth Beach Museum? Admission is free, and there are events and exhibitions that will have you bouncing on your toes. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, the museum hosts the Acoustic Jam every July that features musicians from “back in the day.” The Ad Hoc Radio Mystery Theater is also a thrilling experience, where guests get to watch the Ad Hoc Radio Players put on a full-scale performance reenacting a radio mystery.

6. Learn about Rehoboth Beach's History and Environment

Rehoboth Beach has more to offer than just sandy beaches and proximity to the sea. You can have an impromptu history lesson at the Indian River Life-Saving Museum at Delaware Seashore State Park. It’s a great place to learn more about the history of life saving and the people who manned life-saving stations. You can also stop by the actual state park for some outdoor recreation. Though the park requires a vehicle entrance fee depending on where you are from and where you are going, enjoying the beaches, ponds, streams, and forests are completely free. You can pay additional fees to rent boats, camp, or borrow sports equipment.

You can also have a lesson on the arts at Rehoboth Beach as well. The Clear Space Theatre is a regional theater that puts on productions such as Rent and Grease, to name a few, with talented cast and crew members that may rival the best of Broadway. You might get to see the next up and coming Kristin Chenoweth or Matthew Morrison being born. Or you might just consume good snacks and watch a great show. Either way, this activity is perfect for Seniors because it’ll reconnect you with some of the classics and give you that excuse to obsess over whatever play or musical is in production.

This article was written by Hanna Choi.