Beachin’ and boozin’ often go hand in hand, especially in California, where lazy days by the sea bring together good times, blue skies, and loads of bronzed peeps partying their worries away in pure Pacific Ocean paradise. Usually, the ultimate way to top off the laid back, hang-ten vibes of the state’s pristine beaches is with a nice cold beer or alcoholic beverage in hand—yet sand and sea spots that allow you to get both your tan and buzz on are limited to a select few along the West Coast.

To make sure that you are actually enjoying your mini staycation and escape from reality, be sure to mosey on down to a drinking-friendly beach. We’ve compiled a handy dandy list just for you. Here are the California beaches that allow alcohol.

Yes, You Can Drink At These 5 California Beaches

1. Malibu Paradise Cove

A classic Californian beach, this paradise of an area keeps it simple and to the point when it comes to alcohol consumption, allowing beach-goers only to bring along beer, wine, and champagne onto its warm, sunny sands. Crashing waves and clear blue skies are open to the public starting in the wee morning hours, and both beach bums and babes can hang out, drink, and have a grand old time until the beach closes up at sunset. If you want sustenance to absorb while downing those drinks, try out Paradise Beach Café, which is located right on the beach just a walk away.

Remember through that this beach gets super crowded, so arrive early or be ready to expect to fight for parking. Also, though alcohol is allowed, the beach patrols mean it when they say no hard alcohol. So just wine and beer, folks. Wine and beer.

Malibu Paradise Cove

2. Malibu Paradise Cove

The town of Carmel-by-the-Sea is by itself an already stellar place, as it was founded as a Spanish Mission in the 1700s and was home to Clint Eastwood back in the day, when he served as mayor.

Beach-wise, it’s really just all about fun under the sun, as everything from surfing to volleyball, and bonfires to weddings can occur on this eye-catching stretch of gentle coves, white sands, and extraordinary sunsets. Soak up all that beauty with a nice glass of wine or alcoholic beverage, which is allowed until 10 pm-- as long as it’s not a keg. What’s even better is that not only is this beach booze-friendly, but also dog-friendly as well. Even sans the leash!

Malibu Paradise Cove

3. Malibu Paradise Cove

Live a life of luxury and dive deep into an array of lavish activities at this beach club, which offers seventeen cabanas ready to rent out—all with complimentary goodies such as delicious smoothies and chaise lounges.

Imagine lying out with a margarita in hand and being waited on hand and foot by your own personal beach butler. It’s possible to spoil yourself rotten at this Catalina Island-area hotspot, which allows endless drinking, celebrity-style treatment, and a bunch of vibrant beach parties that’ll have you shaking that tail feather to live entertainment and awesome DJs. There’s also a wallet-friendly happy hour to take advantage of, so get ready.

Malibu Paradise Cove

4. Malibu Paradise Cove

Located on the Point Reyes National Seashore, the miles and miles of gorgeous sandy shoreline can be found after a half-mile walk along a peaceful trail of marshes and dunes at the northern end of Great Beach. It’s a tranquil spot to say the least—ultra-calming, super inspiring, and a flurry of exploration awaiting to be had. What’s more is that Kehoe is also an alcohol-friendly beach for those over twenty-oners, so bring along those drinks and plan on relaxing all your worries away.

Note that no kegs are allowed and that all beach goers have to be off the beach by 11 pm. There’s also no overnight parking whatsoever, so be sure to have plenty of time to hike back up to your vehicle come nightfall.

Malibu Paradise Cove

5. Malibu Paradise Cove

Though all the way down in Orange County, Doheny’s definitely worth the drive, since it’s one of the few beaches in the area that allows alcohol (specifically at reserved picnic sites in the park and campground areas).

Just complete a handy dandy alcohol waiver form and pay the fee before stocking up on the icy brews you’ll be needing for some serious beachside boozing.

Malibu Paradise Cove

This article was written by Pamela Chan.