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Tripper Tip

How to Have a Safe and Rewarding Travel Experience with Tripping

We want you and your hosts to have wonderful Tripping experiences. Here are a few tips to help make your hosts happy, get a great reputation on Tripping and stay safe while traveling.

Think about what you want and need from your hosts.

Before reaching out to hosts on Tripping, take the time to figure out what your expectations are and what you’re comfortable with as a guest.

Are you a solo female traveler and prefer staying with women? Do you have allergies that might affect where you’re able to stay? Will you have bedding or will you need your host to provide it? Are you okay sharing a room with your host? Are you excited about practicing language skills or want a host who will have time to show you around?

Once you have an idea of what you want to get out of your Tripping experience, you can start looking for hosts that best fit your needs and interests.

Choose the right hosts.

Tripping should never just be about finding a place to stay. To ensure that you stay safe and have positive experiences, always look for hosts with descriptive profiles (preferably who also have positive References, a good Rating and are Validated) and who interest you.

To learn exactly what to look for in a profile, click here.

Take the time to write thoughtful, personalized host requests.

No host wants to feel like they’re just being hit up for a place to crash. If you’ve taken the time to find a host that interests you, let him or her know why. In your requests, show your potential hosts that you’ve taken the time to read their entire profile and are excited to meet them (as well as stay in their home).

Get to know your hosts before staying with them.

Getting to know members before you meet in-person is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe while Tripping. Always take the time to send a few messages or set up a time to chat on the phone before heading off to meet a host.

Make clear plans for when and where you’ll meet your host.

Always make clear, specific plans with your host about when and where you will be meeting. Make sure you have their phone number and any other contact information you may need. Unexpected delays happen when traveling, but try to keep your hosts informed of any changes that come up.

ALWAYS plan for the unexpected.

Always be prepared to find alternative accommodations and bring enough money for a hotel or hostel in case things don’t work out with your host.

Make sure you’re prepared before you take off.

You should always be prepared to take care of yourself when traveling. Here are a few things we recommend you do to prepare yourself before heading off to meet your host -

  • Get all the relevant contact information for your host.
  • Research the area you will be in before arriving so that you can find your way around independently.
  • Make sure you have enough money for food and transportation.

Discuss schedules and house rules when you arrive.

Once you arrive, take the time to discuss your host’s house rules and schedule. It will help you better plan your excursions and is the perfect time to bring up questions you might have about the expectations your host has outlined.

Show your hosts how much you appreciate their hospitality.

You’re never obligated to give hosts something in return for their hospitality, but it’s always a nice gesture to show them how much you appreciate their generosity. You can cook them a meal, help them with dishes or bring them a treat from your hometown or culture.

If you bring them something iconic from your culture, it’s also a great conversation starter. As a tip, think about packing some chocolates, cookies or iconic trinkets to give to your hosts while you travel.

Share your experience with the community!

After you’re done with your stay, be sure to rate your host and leave him or her a Reference. You’ll help strengthen the community and build your reputation as a host on Tripping. Terms of Useclose
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