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Our community is built on trust. And you can trust that your safety is our number one priority.

Whether you're hosting a couple from Australia, Tripping with a family in Rio or meeting fellow travelers for a night out on the town, we're here to help you become empowered members of our community and stay safe wherever you go!

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Our first priority has and
always will be your safety.
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General Tip

7 Easy Ways to Get a Good Reputation on Tripping

You’ve registered for an account and now you’re eager to start connecting with other members of the community. Great - Here are a few tips to help you jump start a good reputation and keep it going for years to come!

Make the best profile Tripping has ever seen!

Okay, that might be a tall order, but it’s definitely a great goal. If you take the time to fill out your profile in detail, it will show the community that you’re a dedicated member. It will also help members get to know you better, which will improve your chances of connecting with them.

Don’t forget the photos.

Let’s face it, people love looking at pictures. And they help members get a sense of your personality. So upload a couple of photo albums - it will give Trippers something to do when they visit your profile and might spark some great conversations!

Get Validated.

Validation is a service we offer that allows you to confirm your identity and address through a face-to-face video chat with someone from the Tripping team. Once you've been Validated, other Trippers will feel more comfortable meeting, hosting and staying with you. To learn more about Validation, click here.

Get References from your biggest fans - friends and family.

If you haven’t been able to host or stay with somebody from the Tripping community, bring your personal community to Tripping! Inviting friends and family to join is a great way to get your first couple of References.

Be a great host.

If it’s going to be a bit before you travel, take this opportunity to host! It will show that you are a dedicated member of the community and can help you get a good Rating and gather positive References before hitting the road. For tips on how to prepare to be a host, click here.

Be a great guest.

Being a gracious house guest not only ensure that you’ll get a good Rating and positive References, but that you’ll also make lifelong friends. For tips on how to prepare to trip, click here.

Do your part to build a strong community.

Ratings and References are crucial for our reputation-based community and everyone will appreciate it when you take the time to leave them. Additionally, leaving References reflects positively on your reputation on Tripping and encourages other members to leave References for you.

We’re also always looking for ways to reward active community members who do their part to keep Tripping safe. So be sure to do what you can now and keep your eyes out for upcoming perks! Terms of Useclose
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