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Katrina is a 43 year old female from Cork, Cork, Ireland. She joined in Feb 2011 and has hosted 0 times and tripped 0 times.

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Cork, Ireland

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Katrina!!! i don't really know what to write about her as there are many :), we started from Marrakesh sharing meals, talks, teas and milks and then up to my family place where we spent a chilling out time, we got lost in the desert between the palm trees and succeed to make it to the "Hamunaptra" calling the mummies for a direct couch request:). we ended up in Fes for 2 days and then make it to the Blue city where we dived into culture through our Djellabas. a couple of days later i had been blessed by meeting Katrina and her husband Dario in Tangier where we relaxed and chilled out trying different food and exchanging a lot of topics.

an experience to remember and people to build a strong friendship with.

thank you Lady Gaagaa:) and i already miss you and Mister Dario as well hehehe:).

feel welcome over here anytime and see you in Cork very soon IncheAllah.
Rachid, UK
06 Apr 2011
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