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Joseph is a 34 year old male from World. He joined in Jul 2010 and has hosted 0 times and tripped 1 times.

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My husband and I hosted Joseph and absolutely loved his visit. He was very considerate and just a wonderful guest. He has the most entertaining stories and made us laugh for hours. Our dog, who is very good at reading people, loved him. We would have happily hosted Joseph indefinitely and look forward to him visiting us again!
Anis, USA
13 Apr 2011
Even though I only hosted Joseph for 1 night, I really enjoyed spending time with him. We stayed up late talking about travel and business (which are two of my favorite subjects) and I especially loved hearing about the non-profit he started, the Platinum Society. Joseph was a pleasure to host and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with him.
Jen, USA
28 Aug 2010
Joseph is a great traveler to host! He bought lunch for the whole house on numerous occasions and was always very courteous. I'll definitely be 'tripping' with him again in the future, either as a host or a guest!
Dalton, USA
26 Aug 2010
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