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Bianca is a 28 year old female from San Francisco, California, United States. She joined in Mar 2010 and has hosted 17 times and tripped 5 times.

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Mar 2010 
17 Times 
5 Times 
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San Francisco, USA

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448 friends

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Mike, 30 Male
Vancouver, Canada
Available to host: Maybe
Love to play ultimate frisbee. Work in Vancouver BC in the downtown area at a work and travel organization that promotes cross cu...
Michelle, 31 Female
Auckland, New Zealand
Available to host: Not now
I have just moved to New York City for my university break (4 months over the N.Z. Summer/Northern hemisphere Winter). I am looki...
Namyi, 22 Female
Amherst, USA
Available to host: Not now
I am currently a student at Amherst College in western Massachusetts. I've lived in Korea, Tanzania, and Thailand before moving t...
Violette, 26 Female
Sorbiers, France
Available to host: Maybe
Hi, I've always wanted to travel, I hope to visit as many countries as possible . My philosophy is: "the problem is that you be...
weiyan, 34 Female
Harbin, China
Available to host: Maybe
kind, honesty and easying going. Travelling if part of my life. And now I am going to bed. Best wishes Glneny
Natalya, 32 Female
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Available to host: Maybe
nina, 28 Female
Marseille, France
Available to host: Maybe
Lisa, 25 Female
Den Haag, Netherlands
Available to host: Maybe
I believe that every culture can learn from each other. Educate me! Sometimes you do what you don't want to do to get what you w...
Brittany, 26 Female
Melbourne, Australia
Available to host: Maybe
I'm a fifth year commerce/arts student studying economics, politics and marketing. I work part time at a management consulting fi...
Robbie, 42 Male
White River Junction, USA
Available to host: Maybe
member of String Band and regional music scene. Lots of traveling between New Haven CT and Windsor VT facebook.com/robbieja...
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