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Bianca is a 28 year old female from San Francisco, California, United States. She joined in Mar 2010 and has hosted 17 times and tripped 5 times.

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Mar 2010 
17 Times 
5 Times 
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San Francisco, USA

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448 friends

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Sean, 34 Male
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Available to host: Not now
"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day...
David, 32 Male
Monterey, USA
Available to host: Maybe
I like to share my positive energy and appreciate others who do the same. Meeting new people, seeing new places and considering n...
ilker, 32 Male
London, UK
Available to host: Maybe
Dear all, I'm a salsa addict who lives in London and goes to salsa parties for 6 times a week and travels for salsa festivals...
Mehdi, 31 Male
Vólos, Greece
Available to host: Maybe
Samantha, 22 Female
Paris, France
Available to host: Not now
I'm 19 , and taking a pause before my study ( i want to study cinema next year) . I want to travel as much as i can , discover n...
Emily, 30 Female
Beaufort, USA
Available to host: Not now
I yam what I yam. Peace, Love and Beer Take life one day at a time. Moved back to the beautiful North Carolina coast. I am and...
Juliana, 24 Female
Bogotá, Colombia
Available to host: Maybe
I am a 20 years language student. I freakin' love football. I play volleyball college's team, I play the electric guitar and I li...
Marielys, 29 Female
Bronx, USA
Available to host: Maybe
Always trying to take the scenic route, soak up the sun and learn the culture. Wouldn't pass off an opportunity to see the world...
Sagi, 37 Male
Tel Aviv, Israel
Available to host: Maybe
I quit job recently, to finish my studying (thesis), and to have a great long vacation. I don't have a plan yet, but hope to make...
Yalamarthi, 30 Male
Bangalore, India
Available to host: Maybe
Meet people across the globe and spread my networks & Friendship My home is an aprtment where 6 people can fit in and a kitchen...
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