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Bianca is a 28 year old female from San Francisco, California, United States. She joined in Mar 2010 and has hosted 17 times and tripped 5 times.

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Mar 2010 
17 Times 
5 Times 
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San Francisco, USA

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Michael, 41 Male

Available to host: Not now
Wine 2.0, Fencing1.0, Love, Social Media, Looks like Ferris Bueller (In the opinion of others) Music: Pat Monahan, Nima G...
Erce, 30 Male

Available to host: Not now
i enjoy life by every means. lets enjoy it together! give and take Life is short, party more I live near Taksim, Beyoglu. Have ni...
Geraldine, 56 Female

Available to host: Not now
I think I am a generous sensitive ..soul, in search of my true purpose in life, Im very open sharing my thought and my feelings,(...
Mel, 26 Female
Charleston, USA
Available to host: Not now
20-something wanderer settling in Charleston for the time being. I'd love to use Tripping to see the world and experience differe...
Jessica, 46 Female
Grand Rapids, USA
Available to host: Yes!
Mermaid, Nature photographer, World traveler. I love to get off the beaten path, explore, and of course eat well! Publisher of Wa...
Magnus, 24 Male
Berlin, Germany
Available to host: Maybe
I am 21 years old. I'm a friendly and energetic person, who likes to socialize and meet new people. I am very outgoing, love to t...
Pascal, 35 Male
Bordeaux, France
Available to host: Maybe
Culture exchange at its most basic meaning. Never met a wise man If so it's a woman Playing the electric guitar, sharing thing...
Michael, 23 Male
Liverpool, UK
Available to host: Maybe
I am 20 year old male who just wants to travel around and can not wait to start. I am new to this site and is looking to get star...
Humberto, 21 Male
Puebla, Mexico
Available to host: Yes!
My friends would say that I am an outgoing guy, always laughing. I like things new and different. if you ask me what do i enjoy t...
Derek, 27 Male
Dublin, Ireland
Available to host: Not now
Always have the idea that I can make life more interesting. Travelling ticks this box 100 times over for me. I travelled from Bos...
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