Survey Findings Show Americans Willing To Sacrifice Paying Their Bills And Mortgage In Order To Help Finance Ideal Vacation

SAN FRANCISCO, February 18, 2015 –, the world's largest vacation rental search engine, today released the results of their latest survey revealing which factors prevent consumers from taking their ideal vacation. Survey participants also confessed what they would be willing to sacrifice in order to take their ideal vacation. Google Consumers Surveys conducted the online questionnaire on behalf of among 1,500 U.S. adults, age 18 and older on January 3, 2015.

Travel Accommodations and Transportation Too Pricey For Older Millennials

Older millennials ages 25 to 34 revealed their number one obstacle preventing them from taking their ideal vacation was the cost of accommodations (34 percent). Cost of transportation (30 percent) and financial insecurity (28 percent) were the second and third obstacles holding them back from their travels.

Of all respondents who participated, financial security was the number one obstacle preventing them from taking their ideal vacation (21 percent). The cost of accommodations (20 percent), cost of transportation (20 percent) and lack of time off (20 percent) were all also top prohibitors for travelers. Out of all the age groups, respondents 35 to 44 years of age felt most strongly that children and pets prevented them from taking their ideal vacation (17 percent).

What is Preventing You From Taking Your Ideal Vacation?

Total 18-24 yr olds 25-34 yr olds 35-44 yr olds 45-54 yr olds 55-64 yr olds
Financial Security 21% 21% 28% 21% 20% 15%
Cost of Accommodations 20% 22% 34% 29% 11% 9%
Cost of Transportation 20% 33% 30% 22% 7% 10%
Lack of Time Off 20% 23% 25% 23% 20% 18%
Children or Pets 10% 8% 13% 17% 5% 8%
Fear of Flying 4% 4% 3% 5% 1% 3%
None of the Above 40% 40% 25% 31% 47% 52%

*Multiple choice survey question

Americans Willing To Forego Paying Bills, Mortgage and Rent To Travel

In order to take their ideal vacation, the majority of Americans said they would be willing to sacrifice six months of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee (39 percent) or downgrade their personal technology (29 percent) in order to save money.

Out of all respondents, 12 percent said they would ditch paying their bills before any other option. Four percent would go as far as sacrificing their rent or mortgage. Between age groups, those 55 and older were most willing to abandon their bill payments (13 percent) compared to others. More than any other age group, the 45 to 54-year-olds would prefer to stop paying their rent or mortgage than sacrifice anything else.

Which Of These Would You Sacrifice To Take Your Ideal Vacation?

Total 18-24 yr olds 25-34 yr olds 35-44 yr olds 45-54 yr olds 55-64 yr olds
6 Months Alcohol/ Cigarettes/Coffee 38.5% 43.3% 42% 38% 35% 34%
Downgrading Smartphone / Computer 29% 19% 22% 28% 34% 33%
Paying Your Bills 12% 11% 12% 12% 9% 13%
Your Body (e.g. selling blood) 10.5% 14.3% 13% 14% 8% 8%
Your Job (e.g. lying to employer) 6% 10.3% 7.6% 4% 7% 6%
Paying Your Rent/Mortgage 4% 2% 3.5% 4% 7% 6%
*Single answer survey question

A Word from CEO Jen O'Neal

  • "More than anything, financial insecurities prevent Americans from taking their ideal vacation, however, the presumed cost of your ideal trip should not prevent you from traveling," says founder and CEO of, Jen O'Neal. "Staying in a vacation rental is a great way to lower accommodation costs, as well as save in food and parking expenses. helps travelers compare prices of over 2.5 million vacation rentals in destinations all over the world that could fit any traveler's budget."
  • "Older millennials are dealing with buying their first home or have new child-related financial obligations that may limit them from experiencing bucket list travel. New growing families may mean travel accommodation prices increase. Staying in a vacation rental is a great option for young families traveling with children and pets given easy access to a kitchen and a backyard."
  • "Some Americans feel their ideal vacation will be so expensive that they are actually willing to sacrifice their financial obligations such as paying their bills, rent or mortgage. Rather than risking your personal credit to finance that trip to Hawaii, look for travel options to make your trip more affordable options, such as a vacation rental, so you won't need to worry about bill collectors calling when you get back from your relaxing vacation."


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