3 Tips for Planning a Winter Getaway

But now, you can search over 8 million properties in one click with Tripping.com. This search engine scouts for rental property across all the top sites such as TripAdvisor, VRBO and Booking.com.

3 Tips for Planning a Winter Getaway

But now, you can search over 8 million properties in one click with Tripping.com. This search engine scouts for rental property across all the top sites such as TripAdvisor, VRBO and Booking.com.

Gilmore Girls Road Trip

The travel specialists from the online portal GetYourGuide and from Tripping.com have put together the most important stops of the seven seasons for the journey.

Christmas Markets on Islands

Search engine tripping.com shows some of the most extraordinary Christmas markets on islands worldwide to inspire you this holiday.

Post-Trump Election Travel Statistics

"Many people make jokes about leaving the country. Now, our data shows that Americans are currently looking for longer stays in Canada and Mexico, "said Jen O'Neal, founder of tripping.com.

8 Top Travel Sites You Might Not Use (But Should Be)

Finding a vacation rental has historically been a trying and time-consuming task, requiring visits to multiple sites, calls to local property management companies, back-and-forth conversations with property owners… And all you wanted to do was find a great place to spend some time away. That’s where Tripping.com comes in.

The Less Visited Islands in Archipelagos

According to the experts of Tripping.com, the countless coconut palms of the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove and the Papohaku, also known as the "three-mile beach", are also worth visiting. It is one of the largest white sand beaches on the eight islands.

Trump and Merkel Want to Holiday Together

The search engine for vacation rentals, Tripping.com, wanted to know from the Germans with what personality Donald Trump should relax with for a few days in a vacation house. The surprising answer of the representative survey: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel would be the candidate of the Germans.

Overnight in the Region for Oktoberfest

Free accommodation for Oktoberfest is rare and expensive- the vacation rental search engine Tripping.com examined the prices in and around Munich

Going International Without Destroying Your Business

“You want your product to be a cultural fit,” said Jen O’Neal, who is the CEO of Tripping.com (the company is the world’s largest vacation rental search engine with more than 8 million listings). “Cultural tastes can vary dramatically across borders. For instance, we launched Tripping.com in Germany specifically because German people have a long history of staying in vacation rentals both within the country and throughout Europe.”

Rain Threatens to Soak Labor Day Weekend on the Strand

As of Monday, Tripping.com, a leading vacation rental website, said there were more than 1,400 vacation rental properties available this weekend, with the most affordable rate being $60 per night. Jen O’Neal, CEO of Tripping.com, said the availability of rooms ranged from affordable apartments to a three bedroom oceanfront condo for $426 per night.

Get Your Business to the Next Level with Partnerships

“When it comes to partnerships,” said Jen O’Neal, who is the CEO of Tripping.com, “focus on your top prospect. This will accelerate your momentum...you’ll likely have an easier time getting other deals.”

Priceline CEO Sees Changing Consumer Search Behavior on Alternative Accommodations

Jen O’Neal, founder in CEO of vacation-rental metasearch site Tripping.com, believes consumer behavior when it comes to searching for vacation rentals has already undergone dramatic change. “The vacation rental market isn’t just evolving towards the way consumers shop for hotels — it’s already there and it’s taking off in a big way,”

Yosemite Lodging: Where to Stay This Summer

Search Tripping (www.tripping.com) for 5,000 vacation rentals, including rustic log cabins and rooms with a view in the Yosemite area,

Users Will Save Time and Money

'Our reception in Germany has been incredible since we formally entered the market in April. In addition to receiving a great deal of interest from the German press, we've seen significant increases in both site traffic and bookings.'

Philadelphia hotels get last-minute DNC bump; short-term rentals 'skyrocketing'

"We saw a similar trend with the pope's visit last year and the Super Bowl in February," Jen O'Neal, founder and CEO of Tripping.com, said. "Owners are becoming increasingly savvy about offering their properties at competitive prices in advance of major events. Of course, asking for more per night doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get a booking."

Conventions spike Airbnb demand in Philly, Cleveland

Tripping.com, a search engine that aggregates rental properties from websites such as VRBO, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor - luxury condos, furnished beach houses, ski cabins, and bungalows in 150,000 destinations worldwide - said Monday that more short-term rental-home inventory remained available in Cleveland - 79 percent compared with 52 percent rental homes still available in Philadelphia during the Democratic gathering.

Failed Turkish Coup Piles Pressure on Travel Companies

Holiday rentals website Tripping.com said that searches for accommodation in Turkey dropped 37 percent last weekend compared with the previous weekend.

5 Pools Where You Should Swim Now!

The stone villa Hafestadt Chania invites you to enjoy fresh seafood, vegetables, feta and large seating areas for delicious barbecues. The best part? The cool water is just steps away from the grill. Our mouth is watering already! Available from Tripping.com.

Traveling Together as a Relationship Test?

A secluded cabin in the woods, a deserted island, an old castle provide ample space for togetherness and romance. They are also the perfect place to see if you understand each other as a couple away from the daily routine, and can deal with your partner's interests and peculiarities. Tripping.com, the largest rental search engine worldwide , proposes three accommodations, where couples can find out if their relationship has a future.

Post-Brexit: Rentals in Scotland and Northern Ireland More Popular than Ever (German)

Tripping.com, the largest search engine for vacation rentals, since the proposed referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union decision, observed an increased demand for vacation rentals in the countries that voted against Brexit.

Dog-Friendly Accommodations (German)

Tripping.com, the world's first and largest search engine for vacation rentals and short term rentals, offers not only a "Pet Friendly" filter, but also has investigated which European countries are the most pet-friendly.

The Perfect Weekend in the Hamptons

However, there are exceptions. And Tripping.com, the largest vacation rental website you've never heard of, has just about all of them. Tripping.com pools short-term rental options from VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, Flipkey, and more. Just enter a specific Hampton...your desired dates, and voila: the choice is yours (and you’ll see possibilities from an entire house to even a single room).

8 Simple Ways to Save on Your Beach Getaway This Summer

"Our data shows that prices vary widely for popular beach destinations like North Carolina and Florida, where the nightly rates can range from $25 per night to over $10,000 per night depending on location, quality, amenities and number of bedrooms," says Jen O'Neal, founder and CEO of vacation rental startup Tripping.com.

5 Vacation Rentals Alternatives to Airbnb

Tripping is one of the best sites to use if you’re looking to get the best deal on a home rental for your next vacation. Stated as the “world’s largest search engine for rentals”, Tripping uses its search engine software to compare rentals on sites like HomeAway and TripAdvisor to give users the best deal. Rentals range from $10 a night to $10,000 a night, in 150,000 destinations worldwide.

Uncovering Renovations Needed for the Ideal Summer Vacation Rental

Vacation home rentals will again be high up on the list of preferred accommodations, according to a new survey of 1,600 U.S. travelers just completed by The Home Depot and Tripping.com.