is the world's largest metasearch site for vacation rentals. By showing over 5 million listings aggregated from the world's top rental sites, we make it easy for travelers to search all sites at once. Our partners include vacation rental sites such as FlipKey, HomeAway, Wimdu, Housetrip and over a dozen more. Since property owners can't list directly with us, listing your vacation rental through one of our partners is the best way to get your property on

Where should I list my vacation rental?

To increase your chances of appearing on, you should list your property on multiple sites. Here are our top recommendations, based on overall convenience and conversion rates:

I listed my rental with a partner site. Why can't I see it on

There are a number of reasons why your vacation rental may not appear on, even if you list with one of our partners. Contacting the partner site you listed your property with is the best way to find out why your property isn't being displayed on Here are the four most common reasons why your listing may not appear:

1. Your Property Has Not Been Processed Yet

As a metasearch engine, is continuously getting new inventory from our partner sites through what is called a 'feed'. We refresh these feeds every day to insure that our users are receiving the newest and most updated properties. Depending on how quickly our partners pass on this information, it could take up to a few days for your property to show up on

2. The Agreement You Signed With Our Partner Doesn't Allow for Redistribution

Some of our partner sites require property owners to agree for their properties to be redistributed on other sites. This agreement is often signed when you initially list your property through FlipKey, HomeAway or any other vacation rental site. If you're unsure if you agreed to redistribution, contact the rental site and request that your property be included in the feed for

3. Your Calendar, Photos or Content Need to be Updated

Active hosts get better placement on Updating your calendar, offering availability, writing good property descriptions, and posting high-quality photos are just a few ways to increase the likelihood that your property will be displayed on the top of our search results. We recommend that you update your listing on a regular basis to ensure good placement on

4. Your Listing Exceeds a Threshold Set by Our Partner

Our partners (such as Flipkey or HomeAway) have the ability to remove your listing if it's receiving too much traffic from They sometimes set a cap on the number of clicks or inquiries your property can receive: once this threshold is met, the rental site may decide to remove it temporarily or show a different one in its place. If you have any other questions about this, you're welcome to contact us directly at [email protected].