Decided to rent out your beach home? It can be difficult to know what to supply your guests with as a new renter. Guests want a rental stocked with items that enhance their vacation experience. Include the following items to create a perfectly stocked beach rental that will really wow your guests!

*Necessity Key: 1=item is a fun plus to 10=item is expected

What to Stock Your Beach Home Rental With:

Home Essentials/Cleaning Supplies for your beach rental

One of the most important parts of becoming a renter is providing a clean, appealing, and functional rental space for guests. Take care to ensure that all of your appliances are working correctly and are just as clean as any hotel’s. Also, providing guests with cleaning supplies gives them no reason not to clean up after themselves after their stay is over!

  • Clean linens (10)
  • Antibacterial wipes (8)
  • Hand sanitizer (9)
  • Febreze/Air fresheners (6)
  • Appliances in good working condition (10)

Local Information to Provide

Guests unfamiliar with the area will truly appreciate a mini-guide to your locale. Personal touches like these are what help elevate the popularity of your property and keep your guests coming back for more. Plus, you only have to go through the work of creating this once—just print off additional copies when needed.

  • Packet with maps and information about nearby beaches, drug stores/pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, fun things to do, and emergency contact information (7)

Beach Essentials

Help your guests to have the most fun and memorable vacation possible by providing them with supplies for their main activity—the beach! Even small additions, like a pair of inexpensive sunglasses, could make the difference between a good and a great vacation for someone.

  • Beach towels (7)
  • Sand toys (3)
  • Inexpensive sunglasses (1)
  • Sunscreen (4)
  • Boogie boards/Bikes (1)

Personal Items

Even though it’s likely that your guests dream of and plan their beach vacations for months in advance, it’s very likely that one of them will forget some essential personal care item while packing. Help to make their experience as stress-free and relaxing as possible by providing some of these items yourself.

  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste (9)
  • Lint roller (2)
  • Hairspray (2)
  • Feminine care products (8)


While your guests will probably be spending most of their time on the beach, they need a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Think about stocking a small library/shelf with light beach reads and popular games like Cards Against Humanity or even just a chess board to beat boredom.

  • Books/Games (5)
  • DVD Player/Movies (6)
  • HDMI cord (to connect a computer’s screen to the TV) (6)
  • Sound system (7)
  • Common phone chargers (6)

Cooking/serving utensils

One of the best ways to make your vacation rental feel as homey as possible for guests is providing them with the means to cook their own meals. Make sure to have enough silverware, plates, and glasses for the average number of people who could stay in your rental. Portable Tupperware containers allow your guests to bring their meals for a picnic on the beach.

  • Tupperware (6)
  • Glasses/dishes/plates (10)
  • Silverware (10)
  • Cooking utensils (8)

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This article was written by Kaitlyn Lannan.