One of the items most requested at our summer vacation rental was a barbeque grill—and who could blame the vacationers?

Summer’s ripe for being outdoors. Masses of fresh produce are begging to be grilled, and there’s a bonus in escaping the heat of cooking indoors.

While a grill is on the must-have checklist of vacationers, it is also on the list of things that can go wrong, prompting owners or property managers to receive calls asking for assistance. You can provide a great grill—and head off some potential trouble—by getting organized for grilling season.

Get The Most Out Of Your Grill With These 6 Ideas

1. Provide Instructions

Start by reading the instructions that came with your grill. You may get calls from renters or property managers asking for help in using the grill. Being very familiar with the instructions will be helpful to you.

Make copies of the grill instructions so you can leave a set for renters to use. I laminated mine and hung them with the grill tools. Not only do you want your renters to use your grill correctly so it will last, but you also want to keep the people on your property safe. Having the manufacturer’s instructions handy is a good way to do that.

2. Gather the Right Tools

Grill tools, with their super-long handles, allow you to stand back from the heat while cooking. They are safer to use when cooking where there may be flare-ups. You’ll want to make you provide proper grilling tools and mitts for grilling safety.

Common kitchen tools and cookware are not designed for the intense heat of the grill. Avoid ruining your kitchen gadgets by purchasing grill-safe utensils. Along with the right tools, be sure to leave additional fuel for the grill as well.

3. Make it Fun – And Regional

Meals made around the grill are part of the memories that your vacationers are going to carry home with them. Using locally-caught seafood or produce from a nearby farm stand is part of the fun.

I really appreciated finding not only a lobster pot but a few recipes in a vacation rental I stayed at in Maine. That formula is easy to replicate no matter where your place is located. Leave instructions for where to find the best salmon or tuna steaks, corn on the cob or other regional items.

In addition to leaving recipes, set out the tools needed to create them. From a fish basket for a fresh catch to a pizza stone with directions for a grilled veggie pizza to a cast-iron skillet for a blueberry cake on the grill, there are all kinds of combinations to offer.

4. Keep it Clean

Keeping things clean and tidy at a vacation rental is a must, and the grill is no exception. Whether you are cleaning things yourself or hiring a cleaning service, the grill needs attention in between visitors. Add it to your checklist of between-renter tasks.

Keep a grill brush handy so debris can be brushed from the grill after each use. Empty any drip pans where fat drippings may have accumulated. Use soapy water to wash off any exterior surfaces. At the end of the season, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning following the manufacturer’s directions.

5. Cover the Grill

Protect your investment by using a grill cover. Although a grill is designed to be outdoors, protecting it with a cover when not in use will help the finish last longer. If you are concerned about the surface the grill is sitting on, you can buy a grill mat that will take heat and protect surfaces.

6. Buy a Warranty

One of the things I found handy at my vacation rental is to buy an extended warranty for the grill. The added cost was taken as a business expense, but well worth it. Vacation homes often see heavy use during the season. Knowing I could get an item under warranty repaired or replaced was one less thing to worry about.

As a vacationer, a grill just seems to be the recipe for fun. As a vacation property owner, it is one more tool I can use to make sure my guests have a wonderful time. The memories made while gathering around the grill will have your guests wanting to return summer after summer.

Lea Schneider is a professional organizational expert and a vacation rental enthusiast, too. Lea writes on home lifestyle topics, such as grilling, for The Home Depot. For more grills and grilling solution ideas, including those mentioned by Lea, you can visit Home Depot’s website here.