Is your rental home situated on a sunny patch of sand? Lucky for your tenants, we have a few ideas of ways you can spruce up your home’s beachfront patio space with furniture, accessories, textiles and decor. We’ve outlined four of our favorite ways to create the perfect ambiance for an oceanfront patio.

How to Style, Furnish and Decorate Your Beach Patio

1. Mid-Atlantic Blues

If you’re looking for a New England or Chesapeake Bay vibe, we suggest classic and understated decor, drawing inspiration from the Mid-Atlantic’s maritime ambiance. We love classic coastal colors like crisp blue or white for the main color palette, while stripes and repetitive patterns like seagulls, anchors and ships are great ways to add a little extra character.

As for furniture, weathered teak and hyacinth are great alternatives to regularly used plastics and metal because they can stand up to breezes and salty air. Tie the look together with hurricane candle holders in hand-blown glass perched on side tables to light up the evening.

2. The Southern Sea

“Southern charm” is the best way to describe this stately style. Beach rentals located in the Southeast are known for their grand entrances and relaxed atmosphere. Dress up your Southern stunner with prettily painted shutters and plenty of comfortable lounging options in muted colors, with orange or yellow decor to brighten the space. Accessorize the patio with outdoor rugs to keep your renters and their guests cozy while they spend evenings sipping sweet tea and admiring the coastline. In order to keep your patio clean and pristine, make sure to wash your outdoor rugs once every few months to make sure they are in tip-top shape for the next round of visitors.

3. California Casual

Known for its relaxed vibe, California style is modern, organic and easygoing—the perfect combination for a beachfront patio scene. Get the look by using Mid-century pieces mixed with sunny and cheerful hues like bright white, blue and yellow. Because California style is known for its plethora of greenery, keep your look natural with plenty of wood accents and planters of flowers and or small trees nearby. Top off the look with a table dressed with trays of magazines, books, candles and a glass or two of Napa Valley wine. This style is easy to keep clean with its natural elements and sinuous fabrics. Make sure to wash upholstery, slipcovers and pillow covers after every renter’s stay to keep them looking neat.

4. Beachside Bling

Perhaps the style of your beachside estate is more glamorous and glitzy. This coastal look is playful and colorful, making it an ideal look for renters who love getting together with family and friends over a four-course meal and some live music. This seaside style calls for a calming color palette of bright white or aqua. Add one or two eccentric fabrics or patterns, but keep the rest of the look soft and neutral. Pair furnishings featuring weathered wood and rope accents with glamorous details like metallic decor, swanky umbrellas and glistening light fixtures.

It’s easy to create a picture-perfect patio scene once you identify the style of your home. Which seaside look are you drawn to most?

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