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Hackers and Founders

Hackers in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area interested in founding startups. We get together every two or three weeks and talk about shiny new technologies that get us excited and/or companies that we're working on. It's very low key and casual.

Carleton College

This is a private Network for everyone associated with Carleton College. As a member, you can connect with other Carleton students, alumni, faculty and staff members all around the world!

Thumbs Up Budapest

Thumbs Up Hostel is located in the center of the city in Budapest. Thumbs Up Hostel is offering free wifi, clean bathrooms, beds and showers, free linen, peace and quiet at night and an overall very secure and safe environment.


Welcome to the Rotaract Community Network! This is an unofficial space for all members of the Rotaract Community to connect online, meet offline and even find a place to stay with other members around the world.


This Community Network is for all the Artists in the Tripping Community. Whether you love to paint, dance or sculpt - this is your space to connect with other artists around the world for fun and collaboration!

Plus-Size Travelers

Join this network to connect with other Plus-Size Travelers, share tips and recommendations on gear and find someone to meet up with wherever you're traveling!

Travel Writers

This is a private Network for Travel Writers. As a member, you can connect with other writers to share tips online and meet up while on the road. In addition to expanding your professional network, you'll get to make new friends all around the world.

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