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We are a luxury travel company that combines high-end travel with a taste of volunteering. Our mission is to create amazing tours that blend sightseeing with volunteering and that have a positive impact on to the local communities they touch.
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  1. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    World's Most Delicious Street Food
    Street food is a fabulous way to explore a new destination, here is a great guide on where to go and what to try.
    World's Most Delicious Street Food
    The survivor’s manual to eating the best (and safest) street food.
    Facebook 29 July 2013    Like · Comment
  2. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    Malaria and TB are bigger killers than AIDS in Africa
    Infographic: Aids, TB and Malaria in Africa
    Despite the gains, more Africans still die from Malaria even as the spotlight remains firmly fixed on HIV/AIDS.
    Facebook 20 July 2013    Like · Comment
  3. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    July is a fabulous time to visit Mongolia if you like vibrant cultural traditions.
    Mongolia’s manly games
    Every July, Mongolians from every corner of the vast country come together for Naadam, a festival that puts competitors’ bravery to the test.
    Facebook 11 July 2013    Like · Comment
  4. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    Five Family-Friendly Volunteer Vacations, from Don't Mess With Mama http://bit.ly/17yHC4p
    5 Volunteer Vacations to Take with Your Kids (Even Little Ones) - Don't Mess with Mama
    Volunteering is a fantastic way to model a sense of community and helping others with kids. But it’s not something that can only be done in your hometown. You can volunteer anywhere – even on vacation.
    Facebook 02 July 2013    Like · Comment
  5. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    Today in History: The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York from France!
    The French frigate Isere steamed into New York Harbor on June 17, 1885. On board were 214 crates originating in France. Inside the crates were the 350 individual pieces that would be assembled to create the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France. The…
    Facebook 17 June 2013    Like · Comment
  6. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    Was the travel experience easier and more pleasant, when these fees were just hidden or included and what you were quoted was what you paid?
    Most Annoying Travel Fees
    New fees continue to make travelers see red—and not just from airlines. Here’s what you can do to...
    Facebook 05 June 2013    Like · Comment
  7. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    As seen in Success Magazine...Hands Up Holidays! http://www.success.com/articles/1862--adopt-an-island
    Adopt an Island
    See the world and do some good while you're at it.
    Facebook 03 June 2013    Like · Comment
  8. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    Do you agree with these? Or do you have your own to add?
    The Top Ten Most Exciting Food Cities | Culture on GOOD
    You will probably not find better spaghetti Bolognese than in Bologna, Italy, but is that the most exciting place in the world to eat right now? While we will never turn down a bowl of fresh pasta, the most exciting cities for true foodies to visit today are also among the most diverse. Here&rs...
    Facebook 29 May 2013    Like · Comment
  9. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    BBC poll: Germany most popular country in the world.
    Germany tops BBC country image poll
    A poll in 25 countries for the BBC World Service suggests Germany is the most favourably viewed country in the world.
    Facebook 23 May 2013    Like · Comment
  10. hands-up-holidays
    Hands Up Holidays
    It List: The Best New Hotels 2013
    It List: The Best New Hotels 2013
    Introducing the coolest new hotels, from a loft in Brooklyn to a sybaritic hideaway in Brazil.
    Facebook 16 May 2013    Like · Comment
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