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Exclusively for travelers over age 50, this Network enables older travelers to connect with each other for cultural exchange, travel tips, homestays, volunteering and other great activities all over the globe.
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  1. Jack
    Jack, West Des Moines
    I'm doing a 6,500 mile USA cycling loop in 2013. Iowa to Key West. Key West To upper Maine. Maine to Des Moines. Hope to see some of you along the way.
    21 January 2013    Like · Comment
  2. shiva
    shiva, Kathmandu
    Dear Travelers, Namaste!!

    Warm greetings from Nepal !!
    We will be just delighted welcome Nepal and arrange your Langtang Trekking,Annapurna Trekking,Everest can get custom-made packages also tours to suit your requirements.when you travel Nepal with a tours,trekking and other adventure activities package,your stay become memorable and the kind of friendly service and hospitality as you can relax moreā€¦..

    should you have further queries please do not hesitate to write to me In this connection.

    05 December 2012    Like · Comment
  3. Carl
    Carl, Funchal
    Hi, I am new on this and do not know how this works, but follow the link to see our apartment.
    Our Madeira Holiday Apartment - Madeira Holidays
    The Monumental Green Park, Funchal, Madeira self catering holiday apartment accommodation and facilities
    23 November 2012    Like · Comment
  4. Dew
    Dew, Boulder
    Coming to Co.? we host let us know! we are in Denver/Boulder area. nice comfy accomidations. safe travels! see my profile for details.
    02 November 2012    Like · Comment
  5. Dvora Chana
    Dvora Chana,
    traveling in Israel? I'm a local up north, let's get together for conversation
    19 September 2012    Like · Comment
  6. Adriana
    Adriana, New York City
    If you need a bedroom in New York, I have a peaceful bedroom for you; please check my profile for details and pictures.
    03 September 2012    Like · Comment
  7. Nancie
    I'm new to the group. I've been living, working, and traveling in Asia since 2000. I'll be in Prague from June 26th to July 23rd.
    31 May 2012    Like · Comment
  8. Andrew
    Andrew, Tarawa
    Hello fellow 50+ Travelers, I am soon to embark on an around-the-world sojourn which will take me to the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Iceland and Singapore. The main stopping off points in the US will be southern California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and the New England states. Hopefully there may be an opportunity to connect. Best wishes Andrew
    11 February 2012    Like · Comment
  9. Rod
    Rod, San Antonio
    I am 72 and very active in developing the Albion Education Center in a small village in Belize. If you want to volunteer or check out living here, see:
    03 January 2012    Like · Comment
  10. Neil
    Neil, Hadley
    Hello to all 50+'s,

    I's true....time flies and here I am . New to the site......Painter and works as a Lic. Cl. Social often and have lived abroad. Live in a small New England town-originally from NYC.........looking forward to getting to know other travelers.....


    04 October 2011    Like · Comment
  11. patricia
    patricia, Newton
    Greetings, New here.. Going at the end of Oct. to Washington D.C. so anyone have any good thougths about being near Union Station. Here is the question...
    If I was to leave there and then found I could have done.... What would the could have done be, that I should have but I was not aware of it.. That is the thing I want to know.
    02 October 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Lauren
      DO go to the Eastern Market on the weekend. - historic, community based, wonderful food, art, crafts, junk, people watching. Very near Union Station.
      14 August 2012
  12. Bya
    Bya, Pasadena
    I work (I teach kindergarten), I'm 57 and I'd love to meet you. Let's have a cup of coffee and a chat.

    11 September 2011    Like · Comment
  13. Aleta
    Aleta, West Palm Beach
    I am over 50!!
    03 September 2011    Like · Comment
  14. abiola
    abiola, Corpus Christi
    I think I will like this group: I am new, over 50 and love to travel.
    12 July 2011    Like · Comment
  15. Linda
    Linda, Clemson
    Hi guys, I'm new here so be patient. I am 50+ and love to travel.
    06 July 2011    Like · Comment
  16. James
    James, Seattle
    Hi Tripper: in and about the Louisville Kentucky, USA area. Ping me back if you're interested in exploring the local area or need a place for a night.
    01 July 2011    Like · Comment
  17. DonnaChristine
    DonnaChristine, Mesa
    Good MONDAY Evening from 'The Little Ol' Lady AND the SHOES'. Just stopping by to say HELLO
    23 May 2011    Like · Comment
  18. Nikki
    Nikki, Laytonville
    Nikki, Laytonville
    Be sure to take time to get out of San Francisco when you come to Northern California, especially in the summer months when the city is foggy and cold. Festivals are a fun way to travel, check out Harmony Festival in June in Santa Rosa or Earthdance in September in Vallejo. Enjoy!
    13 March 2011    Like · Comment
    1. antonio
      antonio, Santa Cruz
      My kids live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and since the foggy cold hurts my joints, my wife and I stay away from the city in the summer and have the kids drive down to our place, about 60 miles south, instead. We've never attended the Harmony Festival, but we do like Santa Rosa; so it sounds like it could be a great option for us. Thanks for the tip!
      17 March 2011
  19. Antonia
    Antonia, Saint Helena
    Napa Valley offers many options for 50 travelers. Besides the obvious
    miles and miles of vineyards and the 440 wineries, we have golf courses,
    hiking trails, fabulous restaurants and multiple events. A beautiful, fun place to visit.
    11 March 2011    Like · Comment
  20. William
    William, Tucson
    judging from the weather in tucson today, winter is officially over...and it's what we like to think is "the reason we moved to arizona in the first place". we'll be anxious to hit the road come june, but for now....if you're looking for the perfect blend of sunshine and warmth, come on down....we'll be happy to have you over for a cappachino on the patio!
    11 March 2011    Like · Comment
  21. Isabel
    Isabel, Santa Cruz
    Looking for a warm-weather escape? Come visit my husband and me in Colima, Mexico. You can fly in to Guadalajara, where we can show you our favorite artisans' shops and markets and take you to the restaurants with the best food, drink and mariachi music. A few hours' drive away is Colima, a paradise for nature lovers, photographers, hikers and beach goers. We are based in a small village where you will experience the real Mexico and have the opportunity to volunteer with a great local charity. It's also an ideal place for multi-generational travel, so feel free to bring the grandkids! To see photos and learn more about the amazing Mexican state of Colima, visit the Tripping blog: Or visit our website for the small community we are building there: We look forward to hosting you,amigos!
    11 March 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Kim
      Kim, World
      I retire (redirect) in the fall am thinking of flying there and getting on a bus to my cabin in the Costa Rican rain forest.
      18 June 2011
  22. Linda
    Linda, Litchfield Corners
    Excited to share stories and connect with others! Anyone have any trip plans coming up? I am going to warm Florida in February, Orlando area. Any suggestions for places to go or things to see? We are taking a four day break from the snow! So excited!!
    15 January 2011    Like · Comment
  23. Michelle
    Michelle, Tucson
    Count me in!
    14 January 2011    Like · Comment
  24. Tripping
    Tripping, San Francisco
    Welcome to the Travelers 50 network! Connect, communicate, interact and meet great travelers around the world.
    12 January 2011    Like · Comment Terms of Useclose
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