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  1. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Our theme for August is Being. ie not doing stuff. Being. Read about why and how: [Ed]
    Sophy Banks on the Power of Not Doing Stuff | Transition Network
    This month's theme has been 'The Power of Just Doing Stuff'. It's the first month we've had Transition Culture in its new home here at, and thanks for sticking with us while we figured out how to do that. I think we're getting there now. It's been a very full month, a month…
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  2. transition-network
    Transition Network
    The July round up of what's been happening in Transition: [Ed]
    A July Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition | Transition Network
    Here are two great reasons why we are starting this July round-up with DE4 Food in Derbyshire, a great social enterprise which features in the recently-published The Power of Just Doing Stuff. Firstly, as their 'patchwork farming' approach gains strength, they recently added the local Tansley Prima...
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  3. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Rob Hopkins interviews renowned author and journlist Joanna Blythman on the power of doing lots of little projects: [Ed]
    Joanna Blythman on the Power of
    Joanna Blythman is a journalist and author who writes about food and food issues. Her book The Food We Eat had a huge impact on me when I read it nearly 20 years ago. She remains one of the most incisive and insightful writers on food issues. I had wanted to interview her for some time now, and a...
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  4. transition-network
    Transition Network [Ed]
    How to write a Daily Mail article about climate change | Carbon Brief
    Over the last few days, shell-shocked civil servants have seen clear evidence of just how effective the Daily Mail's brand of campaign journalism can be. A story that began on Easter Monday with an front-page attack on a proposed element of the government's energy efficiency loan scheme culminated i...
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  5. transition-network
    Transition Network
    One Year in Transition: The power of alternatives to a university education: [Ed]
    One Year in Transition and the Power of Alternatives to University | Transition Network
    Today's post is by Transition Network's Isabel Carlisle, and focuses on 'One Year in Transition' (1YT), a course she has developed and piloted this year. The post below contains 3 audio clips, with Richard, Lisa and Hannah, this year's participants, reflecting on their experience as part of the suc...
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  6. transition-network
    Transition Network
    When people get together, things happen. Transition Newcastle, NSW, Australia, on the power of just doing stuff: [Ed]
    Transition Streets was initiated by Transition Town Totnes in 2010 and won the 2011 Ashden Award for Behaviour Change. Since its inception, it has been run with almost 700 households in Totnes and district, with, on average, each household reducing its emissions by 1.3 tonnes (a saving of around £6...
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  7. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Win a Transition Training in our summer competition: [Ed]
    Win a Transition Training in our new competition!! | Transition Network
    We've got 3 places on the Transition Training of your choice to give away in Transition Network's fantastic summer competition! Our theme for September will be Education and Training, exploring the impact that training and doing the right course at the right time can have on our lives. Did a cob bui...
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  8. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Rob Hopkins interviews Lord Adair, ex-chair of FSA and UK climate change committee: [Ed]
    An interview with Lord Adair Turner | Transition Network
    I met Lord Adair Turner (I'll let him introduce himself in a minute) in his office near Hyde Park on a beautiful morning in June. I was fascinated to get his sense of where we find ourselves in relation to climate change, and in terms of the government-led responses to it. Call it depressing ("I d...
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  9. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Goodness. We haven't done an update since July 11th. We're in recovery from our frantic social media PR storm in June. We need to get back to it... [Ed]
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  10. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Has this Castaway finally found her clan? Lucy Irvine wrote the iconic 1980's book "Castaway". Here she muses on loneliness, the power of doing stuff, and how, even though she's living in deepest rural Bulgaria, she's beginning to feel part of a global "transition tribe". [Ben]
    It can be embarrassing to admit one feels lost or lonely. And there's a threat involved. Such confessions denote weakness. What use are you to others? And what can you do to find your niche in a wo...
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  11. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Please see Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland's call for help on their indiegogo page - and share with anyone you think is likely to be interested: [Ed]
    Transition Towns - Recognising Resilience
    Recognising Resilience-The Transition Awards will reward Irish Transition Initiatives that work to bring together community for the sake of the planet
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  12. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Transition Thursdays: Three down, three to go; report and films and talks from Rob Hopkins from the centre of the 'Just Doing Stuff' tour, in the middle of many Transition Initiatives: [Ed]
    Transition Thursdays: Three down, three to go! | Transition Network
    So, three down and three to go. I wrote a report and made a short film of the first Transition Thursday (even though it was actually on a Tuesday), which took place in Crystal Palace in London. I'm going give you an update on the next two, which have taken me first to Sheffield, and then to Downha...
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  13. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Want to do our Transition Launch training but haven't had a free weekend, or don't want to travel, or there aren't any trainings near you?
    Transition; Launch will be available online from October. Check it out:
    Launch online | Transition Network
    Transition Launch Online is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition showing you how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to hel...
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  14. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Inward investment that sucks out wealth - will local councils EVER understand how this works and alter their investment strategy towards stuff that actually retains and builds wealth? Maybe they will... [Ben]
    Are we doing the right stuff? | Transition Network
    There is “a strong sense that this is the time: a time that demands action” so goes one of Rob Hopkin’s closing thoughts in The Power of Just Doing Stuff. A sentiment that I guess we hear everywhere at the moment, from governments across the world, from councils and faith groups, from communities u...
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  15. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Something for the weekend? How about another dose of Transition shaped inspiration [Mike]
    July 2013 - Transition Network Newsletter | Transition Network
    Although there is no 'Round up' this month there is still lots going on in the world of Transition and lots to keep you inspired in this newsletter.
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  16. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Reverend Billy transforms into extinct Golden Toad and hops over to the UK with his gospel choir and unique brand of evangelical eco-activism. Has to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. UK tour here: [Ben]
    Golden Toads Hit the UK | Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping
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  17. transition-network
    Transition Network
    A gentle permaculture meander from Glastonbury to Dartmouth Park in London via Transition Finsbury, checking out some innovative and highly engaging growing projects - [BB]
    The £300 house at Glastonbury... maybe we can | Transition Network
    I've just returned from a week in Glastonbury, where on the outskirts of a festival so enormous and brightly lit it resembles a city, and far away from the pumping rock music stages, all night dance tents and shiny neon bars, I found, in a quiet and beautiful corner, the permaculture area and the £3...
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  18. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Perfect little title for a perfect little blog piece: "Somebody somewhere should do something about this sometime". [BB]
    Somebody somewhere should do something about this sometime | Transition Network
    Usually the speaker means by “they” and “somebody” anybody but them. Anybody who supposedly has the position/power/influence/time (insert whichever one you recognise) which they themselves feel they haven’t got. It’s either up to the head of department, the council, the government or God, but it’s n...
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  19. transition-network
    Transition Network
    (UK) We need more trees. And thankfully, the Woodland Trust is coming to the rescue with 4000 free tree packs to give away to schools, community and youth groups this autumn. [Ben]
    Free packs of trees for your community, school or youth group from the Woodland Trust
    Woodland Trust free tree packs for your school, community or youth group. Apply today for a pack of trees to green a local shared space.
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  20. transition-network
    Transition Network
    (Spain) Crazy bunch of eco-paddlers - "Junk Raft Armada" - will be setting off down the Ebro later in July for an educational waterfest. Makes me want to ditch the laptop and run away to join their "navy". [Ben]
    Junk Raft Armada in Spain | Transition Network
    There's a million different actions that communities are taking around the world that are helping us get away from a fossil fuel addicted, ecosystem destroying, highly inequal ways of living. Here's one in Spain that appeals to the inner vagabond in me.
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  21. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Transition Streets has been an amazingly successful programme to bring engagement down to the street level. Groups of neighbours save money (and carbon) by following a workbook covering: energy, transport, waste, food, water. They just got a rather prestigious accolade. This programme seems to garnering a lot of interest outside of the UK. [Ben]
    News | Transition Streets
    NewsStreets-wise commended by Locality19 June 2013A logical solution to austerity is to share more. It’s also a logical solution to high carbon emissions. And even to making friends and getting things done. But how comfortable would you be – sharing more things with neighbours?That’s what neighbours...
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  22. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Social reporter Jay Tompt: summery reflections on talking to people about 'just doing stuff'. [BB]
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  23. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Hotbeds, polytunnels and hammocks - Anne's excellent reading recommendations for extending your growing season out there in the real world. [Ben]
    Down the Garden Path | Transition Network
    Don’t worry, I’m not about to lead you astray, but merely down to the end of our (imaginary) garden, where next to the shed, strung between two old apple trees, our hammock gently sways. There, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can escape for a precious hour now and then to read t...
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  24. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Now arriving on platform one... a new economy: [Ed]
    Now arriving on Platform 1 ... a new economy! | Transition Network
    Regular readers may know that I spend rather a lot of time on train stations. I travel the length and breadth of the UK using this marvellous form of public transport, and one of my great bugbears is that whichever station you arrive at, they all feature the same food outlets. Pumpkin. Upper Crust.…
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  25. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Knitting your own MRI scanner... or not. Rob Hopkins de-bunks some mis-guided ideas about localisation: [Ed]
    Knitting your own MRI scanner. Or not | Transition Network
    John Paul Flintoff's article about Transition and The Power of Just Doing Stuff that appeared in the Guardian two weeks ago seemed to hit the right note, and has been popping up all over the place. It also led to the book being the bestseller in the Guardian book shop, outselling Iain Banks and Paul...
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  26. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Reading your way to health and wellbeing: Kerry Lane's reading recommendation: [Ed]
    Reading your way to health and wellbeing... | Transition Network
    Even as I sit down to write this blog I feel a frission of anxiety and uncomfortableness about subverting the dominant patriarchy of our society by recommending a book that is so overtly celebrating women and their innate wisdom and beauty. But it is a book I really do want to share and tell people…
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  27. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Non-fiction page turners: Grant Venner's reading reccomendations: [Ed]
    Non-Fiction Page Turners | Transition Network
    Rather like London buses, you wait for ages, then three books by your favourite writers come along all at the same time. New books by George Monbiot, Jay Griffiths, and Michael Pollan hit my desk almost simultaneously last month, creating a veritable three-course meal of essential and mind-expanding...
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  28. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Sara Ayech's reading recommendation: The Urban Kitchen Gardener: [Ed]
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  29. transition-network
    Transition Network
    A co-operative low-impact smallholding startup in Devon (UK) is looking for a couple of members - skills in growing are particularly needed. Land is bought, planning permission granted. This is a breakthrough project that could drive a legislative framework more amenable to land-based livelihoods. More details here: [Ben]
    opportunity to join co-operative, low-impact smallholding in Devon
    incredible opportunity to join co-operative, low-impact smallholding in Devon
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  30. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Must-read *Local Money* pamphlet. Miraculously, John Rogers has distilled everything you need to know on this subject into this very easily digested little tome. Price for transitioners is a bargain £2.55. Go to, quoting "TN30" at checkout. Seriously impressive. [Ben]
    Local Money
    Details of ‘Local Money: What Difference Does it Make?’, published by Triarchy Press
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  31. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Growing out of Trouble: Social Reporter Caroline Jackson opens Reading Week before the holidays kick in: [Ed]
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  32. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Cogently and passionately argued. A reminder for me to keep a closer eye on my inner "eco-puritan". [Ben]
    The Corrosive Effects of Green Puritanism | Cruxcatalyst: The Heart of Change
    Green Puritanism - or how 'Mine's Greener Than Yours' is just 'Keeping Up With the Joneses, Mark II'.
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  33. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Lovely tale of transition training in remote Amazonian communities: Another one of those, "Blimey, wasn't expecting that!" moments. [Ben]
    Transition in Amazonian communities | Transition Network
    We'd never claim that Transition is universally applicable, but there's plenty of evidence that it's highly adaptable to different places and cultures. This latest "tale from the edge" shows how key elements of the Transition trainings can enrich and empower communities and cultures far removed from...
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  34. transition-network
    Transition Network
    The Power of Just Doing Stuff launches in Crystal Palace London: Rob Hopkins reports: [Ed]
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  35. transition-network
    Transition Network
    One of those days: Social Reporter Ann gets back to the blog after months of 12 hour days in the market garden: [Ed]
    One of those days | Transition Network
    For the first time in months, I’ve looked at several of the blogs I normally follow, checked emails and even briefly ventured onto Facebook, but the overwhelming triviality there threatened to suffocate me, so I quickly moved onto the Met office and the weather. After a fabulous week of sunshine and...
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  36. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Two excellent events coming up for community groups, Transition or not. How to monitor and evaluate community group activity: June, Oxford and Bristol:
    Oxford workshop:
    Bristol workshop: [Ed]
    The overall aim of the workshop is to provide a space for participants to think about, discuss, and learn more about the role that Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) can and does play in low carbon/Transition community groups. Specifically, the workshops will:
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  37. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Article about Transition in the Guardian on Saturday
    Local, self-sufficient, optimistic: are Transition Towns the way forward?
    Locally grown food, community-owned power stations, local currencies … can small-scale actions make a difference? Yes, according to the Transition network – in fact, it's our only hope
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  38. transition-network
    Transition Network
    "Phrases like ‘Honouring the Elders’ - step 10 of the Twelve Steps of how to start a Transition Initiative – imply a relationship with too much unquestioning acceptance and too little critical thinking...." New Social Reporter Chris Bird (the elder) reflects on Transition and elders: [Ed]
    Honour the Elders? | Transition Network
    I’ve just had a shock! This is my first blog as a Social Reporter and what’s been suggested as the topic? Elders! Okay – so I was 60 in May, I’m retired – well, sort of, have a grey beard and don’t tuck T-shirts in any more. But am I really an Elder?
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  39. transition-network
    Transition Network
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  40. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Exploring the role of elders in Transition: Sara Ayech edits a Social reporter week on this key theme of Transition: [Ed]
    Exploring the role of elders in Transition | Transition Network
    'Honoring the elders' is one of the key original ingredients of creating a Transition Town (or city, or village). The term brings to mind a traditional society where age equalled knowledge and respect, and where younger members of a tribe or community would seek out the elders for advice. Sadly, as…
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  41. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Transition Ingredients cards now in Italian: awesome! [Ed]
    Transition ingredients cards go Italian » Transition Culture
    An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent
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  42. transition-network
    Transition Network
    The June newsletter is out - point your eyes this way for all the latest Transition Network news
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  43. transition-network
    Transition Network
    The Audacity of starting something new: Jay Tompt on the Transition Free Press: [Ed]
    The audacity of starting something new | Transition Network
    I’m currently involved in the coolest and most important new venture in the Transition universe, the Transition Free Press. The TFP is a newspaper like no other, wielding the power of the pen and the pixel for good, telling the stories that must be told and spreading important ideas, like the simple...
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  44. transition-network
    Transition Network
    [UK] Want to manage your own smallholding? The wonderful Ecological Land Co-op are looking for tenants new to eco-agriculture for 2 plots on their mid-Devon site. The plots come with permission to build a low impact dwelling, shared timber barn, pv array, potable water supply and biological grey water treatment. Price: £72,000. Applications close midnight 7-July-2013. Details: [Ben]
    Apply for a smallholding | Ecological Land Co-operative
    The Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) is offering something unusual. Before you apply for a holding it is important that you understand what exactly we are offering. You will therefore find in our application pack:
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  45. transition-network
    Transition Network
    The vision for re-use and repair in Shrewsbury: [Ed]
    The vision for reuse and repair in Shrewsbury | Transition Network
    I haven't been that long involved in Transition Town Shrewsbury, but as is my tendency I am already involved in plans for exciting new project. Although I have been so busy in the last month that it hasn't gone very far yet!
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  46. transition-network
    Transition Network
    AJUDADA is an emerging movement, which will be launched, in an international and very innovative event, on 14,15 and 16 June 2013, in Portalegre, Portugal.
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  47. transition-network
    Transition Network
    [UK] Anyone want an electric car but can't afford it? The govt's Low Carbon Network Fund is heavily subsidising an electric car scheme. They're looking for clusters of 10 people served by the same sub-station. Subsidies are about £100 a month on an 18 month lease. Details here: (Check first if you live in the eligible areas: [Ben]
    My Electric Avenue
    We’re looking for ten ‘electric avenues’ – groups, or ‘clusters’, of ten people or more – where each person will drive an electric car for 18 months to trial a new technology. We are preparing for when electric cars will be commonplace. The technology will monitor and control the electricity demand…
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  48. transition-network
    Transition Network
    [UK] PlanLoCal are holding a series of free workshops highlighting their new toolkit on Energy Efficiency and the Green Deal for
    community groups. They're in July in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol. Details here: [Ben]
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  49. transition-network
    Transition Network
    SolarAid, supporters of Transition Network in its early days, are in the last 10 in the Google Global Impact Challenge. 4 will share £2m, and your vote at can help them. They'll use the cash to extend their great work, particularly in Africa. [Ben]
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  50. transition-network
    Transition Network
    Social Reporter Caroline Jackson wins Green Councillor seat in Lancashire and is reaching out for ideas/suggestions: [Ed]
    Green politics? | Transition Network
    We started campaigning last November, me and Sam who was standing to be re-elected as a county councillor – one of the only two in Lancashire. At the time I was going to contest an unwinnable county seat in order to raise the profile of the Green Party in an area which had potential for more Green v...
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