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Lost Girls World is the premiere travel and lifestyle website for young women. Our readers turn to us as a trusted source of advice and information on ways to fit adventure and exploration into their everyday lives.
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  1. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Gross or comfy: flip-flops on airplanes?
    Facebook 12 July 2013    Like · Comment
  2. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Three years after its first publication, The Lost Girls was named as one of the Best Summer Beach Reads by's Editorial Director!
    Best reads for your summer vacation's Sara Nelson shares recommendations for the season's best page-turners, from a romantic spy thriller to a powerful hoarder memoir
    Facebook 08 July 2013    Like · Comment
  3. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Beautifully written!
    Why you should quit your job and travel now
    Now that I’m 31, I understand why people say travel while you’re young because once you’re older, you won’t get the chance. But it’s not th…
    Facebook 20 June 2013    Like · Comment
  4. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Ever considered volunteering overseas? Take this quiz to determine your voluntourism personality type—and the programs that may be perfect for you!
    How to Choose a Volunteer Program – Best Voluntourism Opportunities | Eagle Creek
    Get tips and specific resources to find ethical volunteer projects all over the world that match your skills and interests.
    Facebook 02 June 2013    Like · Comment
  5. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    If you have a Klout score higher than 55 you can get access to Admirals Club Nearly 40 Locations!
    American Airlines’ Admirals Club Welcomes Klout Users in Nearly 40 Locations « The Official Klout Bl
    The Official Klout Blog
    Facebook 07 May 2013    Like · Comment
  6. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    A Chiang Mai cooking class for the domestically challenged from @alexinwanderland
    Alex in Wanderland | Travel and Diving Blog | Let's Start with Boiling...
    If you asked me friends to describe me I would like to think they might mention my fierce loyalty, or my thoughtful gift giving skills. But in...
    Facebook 12 April 2013    Like · Comment
  7. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Huge smoothie fans here! Is this the world's best? from @migrationology
    Mango Lassi - Is This The World's Best Smoothie?
    A mango lassi from the streets of Kolkata is a fruity yoghurt blend that's one of the best smoothies I've ever had in my life!
    Facebook 11 April 2013    Like · Comment
  8. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Infographic:Travel as Necessity from @kirstenalana
    On Happiness: Part One, Travel as Necessity
    It was in 2009 that I realized how truly essential travel was to my daily happiness, a circumstance I've written about before on this blog. Since...
    Facebook 10 April 2013    Like · Comment
  9. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    “Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” Francis Bacon
    Facebook 09 April 2013    Like · Comment
  10. the-lost-girls
    The Lost Girls
    Story By LG Amanda:Adventure Cruises on Small Ships via @eaglecreek
    Adventure Cruises on Small Ships from the Sea of Cortez to Borneo |...
    Find out the hottest adventure cruise destinations including the Sea of Cortez Mexico, Borneo, Bali, Fiji and the Greek Islands
    Facebook 08 April 2013    Like · Comment
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