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  1. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tired of the same jobs? How about these cool food jobs: http://ow.ly/nmUSh
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  2. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tamwood 101: Teachers

    Katrina Heron

    Katrina has been living in Whistler since October 2005. She is British from the North East of England, near Newcastle and has worked and traveled in various different countries around the world.

    She has worked in ESL schools in New Zealand, England and Japan before arriving at Tamwood, Whistler. She has also spent a lot of winter seasons in the Valais, Switzerland enjoying the life in the snow & sun.

    She finds Whistler a great base to do activities in both summer and winter and especially enjoys the trials around Lost Lake for biking and cross-country skiing. In her opinion Whistler Mountain is great for snowboarding and Blackcomb better for skiing, and for that après drink, either Black’s patio or the Crystal Lounge for chicken wings.
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  3. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Here are 50 of the world's best breakfasts. What do you eat for breakfast? http://ow.ly/m14Lc
    Stumblers Who Like 50 of the World's Best Breakfasts
    Pancakes, cereal, eggs, toast, muffins, healthy breakfasts, greasy breakfasts, dirty breakfasts, I'm not fussy. Here's a look at breakfast from...
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  4. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    How many of these things can you check off - http://ow.ly/mcCRo
    101 Things To Do Around The World
    This is a post from a while ago, but I thought it was worth re-posting as many people haven't seen it and it's buried in the archives. It's a 101...
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  5. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Happy Canada Day!! Check out this website for more info on where to find fireworks across Canada - http://www.canada-day.ca/fireworks/. Also a reminder that our offices are closed today.
    Canada Day Fireworks and Parade Information
    Find out when the Canada Day fireworks will be held in your area, what time they will start, and other information about the Canada Day...
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  6. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Planning on a fun night out? Here's how to say ‘cheers’ in 50 languages - http://ow.ly/mcCC9
    How to say ‘cheers' in 50 languages
    Photo: . Feature photo: .
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  7. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Looking to save a little money while traveling? http://ow.ly/mcBbA
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  8. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Check out this amazing video of the first Whistler Blackcomb/WORCA Phat Wednesday Downhill bike race - they happen every Wednesday here in Whistler!

    B-line- Phat Wednesday on Pinkbike

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  9. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Check out this chart on how to tip around the world http://ow.ly/m0W37
    110302 MINT TIPSa
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  10. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Today's Idiom: "Start From Scratch"

    If it failed first time, start it all over again with necessary changes.
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  11. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Happy Friday! What better way to celebrate the weekend than with good food and great people! If you are in Toronto, make sure you visit the St. Lawrence Market located at Front and Jarvis. With over 120 specialty vendors located in 3 building and so much to see and taste, the one question we have for you is "Where do you begin?" http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/
    St. Lawrence Market : Home
    A celebration of Rube "the rice man" life is today at #stlawrencemarket north building at 2pm. #rememberingrube http://t.co/Z4LWjw1jnE
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  12. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tamwood Questions: What is this study hall activity in June calendar?

    Study Hall happens Monday to Friday during Lunch Time.
    It is for everyone who has questions about anything. (Homework, things that they did not understand in their classes, things that they are curious about.)
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  13. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Today's Idiom: "Finding a needle in a haystack."

    Refers to finding something that is almost impossible to find.

    Example: We can’t find him; there are so many people here! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!
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  14. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Not impressed with the weather? Check out this list of things to do in Vancouver - http://ow.ly/lwAUr. Don't forget to share & post pictures!
    Top 10 Activities for a Rainy Day in Vancouver
    Vancouverites learn to love the rain considering it keeps our forests lush and grass green all year-round. Visitors needn’t be put off by a grey...
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  15. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tamwood/GO International 101: Campus Managers

    Your first and BEST source of information is your campus manager! He/She will refer you to other staff in case he/she can’t handle your request.

    For Vancouver, the second floor of Thurlow campus can help you with: Making all payments for course changes, homestay, textbook, medical insurance, picking up your medical card & meeting your counselor
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  16. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres

    Great video of Summer in Whistler!
    Summer in Whistler
    It’s the perfect combination of action-packed and laid-back, with a backdrop of dramatic alpine peaks and a village that never sleeps. Turns out,…
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  17. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Today's Idiom: "Wash someone’s hands of something"

    To stop being involved in something.

    Example: Mike washed his hands of the project and let others to deal with it.
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  18. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    In Vancouver? Check out EAT! Vancouver this weekend - http://www.eat-vancouver.com/. Tickets are $14 online & $16 at the door. Bon Appetite!
    EAT! Vancouver - Food + Cooking Festival
    EAT! Vancouver is the only consumer food, beverage and cooking festival in Vancouver, taking place at BC Place Stadium.
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  19. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Today's Idiom: Getting out of the comfort zone

    Doing something that is unusual for the person, that takes courage and is stressful at first, but pays back with opportunities.

    Example: It was the first time Mike approached a girl ever! That was completely out of his comfort zone!
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  20. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Want to win two free nights in an amazing rental from Tripping? Enter their "I'd Rather Be Tripping" Sweepstakes here - http://ow.ly/liTZH! Good luck!
    Tripping is a social travel site that connects travelers with local people for tips, shared cups of...
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  21. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Happy Victoria Day! Check out these great weekend events: Toronto - Fireworks at Ashbridge's Bay Park, Monday May 20 - http://ow.ly/l9jod; Vancouver - Chinatown Night Market, May 17 - Sept 8 - http://ow.ly/l9jZC; Whistler - Endless Entertainment, May 18 - 20 - http://ow.ly/l9kjl. Also a quick reminder that our offices will be closed on Monday, May 20th. Have a great weekend!
    Victoria Day 2013: what’s open and closed, fireworks, events
    The Victoria Day long weekend is May 18-20. Below is a list of fireworks locations, events, as well as what's open and closed on May 20.
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  22. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Need ideas on what to do this long weekend? Why not one of these weekend trips from Toronto? http://ow.ly/k87i9
    25 Weekend Trips from Toronto
    By WAHEEDA HARRIS #9 - The 1,000 Islands (Photo: Bernard Garon) Adventurists and antiques enthusiasts alike can find a multitude of weekend getaways
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  23. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Whistler Concert Series announced - just another reason to spend the summer in Whistler!!
    Whistler Presents Outdoor Concert Series | Whistler Official Central Reservations for Events, Accomm
    Whistler hosts free outdoor concerts all summer long in Whistler Olympic Plaza. View the artists and concert dates to start planning your getaway.
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  24. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
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  25. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    It's Election Day in BC! Here's a great guide to get to know the different political parties & platform summaries - http://ow.ly/l04uo
    Your simple guide to the BC Election 2013 on May 14 #bcpoli — Vancouver...
    Vancouver blog featuring positive stories of arts, culture, lifestyle and everything awesome about our city.
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  26. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    For any past, present, and future Tamwood Toronto students, be sure to check out the Continental United team page - it isn't too late to play on our soccer team!
    Continental United
    Team Tamwood/Continental United will start its season opener this Saturday (May 18) at 8 a.m. at Flemingdon Park Soccer Field. Take the 25 bus from Pape Station and get off at Gateway Boulevard. The field is beside Shoppers Drug Mart. If you hope to play at BMO Field this year, you MUST attend. Don't be late. Many people will attend. See you there! Don't forget to drop by Tamwood College and see the Major Intersquad Match trophies on display. They're beautiful!
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  27. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tamwood/GO International 101:4 Strike RuleIf you are caught speaking a language that is not English in and around Tamwood, you can expect:

    • The 1st time: a written and verbal warning and you will not be allowed to use the Tamwood facilities (computers, pool table, daily activities, etc).
    • The 2nd time: you will be asked to leave school for one day, unable to use the facilities.
    • The 3rd time: the student will be asked to leave the school for three days, unable to use the facilities.
    • The 4th time the student will be asked to leave the school for the remainder of his/her course.
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  28. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    If you are in Toronto, you definitely want to check out the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) on May 11 and 12. There will be amazing artists, comics to buy and people to meet. This is also a FREE event so don't miss out! http://torontocomics.com/
    Toronto Comics Arts Festival | TCAF |
    Barking long soliloquies in the vast hinterland stands a German Shepherd. The ever zealous breed, a brave specimen, particularly stubborn and...
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  29. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Fill in the blanket: My Favorite lunch spot is _______________ in ____________ city
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  30. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    There are so many amazing places here in Vancouver. Have you checked out Yaletown? This downtown Vancouver neighbourhood is bordered by Homer Street, Robson Street, and False Creek. Find out more information here http://ow.ly/kQzDI
    604 Neighbourhoods: Yaletown
    604 Neighbourhoods is a weekly series appearing on the Inside Vancouver blog that will feature photos, history, and information about some of the...
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  31. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    How cool! Free tours of downtown Toronto led by the ROM. See the link for more details! http://www.rom.on.ca/en/activities-programs/walks-travel-bus-events
    Walks, Travel and Bus Events | Royal Ontario Museum
    ROM membership is the best way to explore and enjoy the extraordinary experiences of science and civilization that the Museum has to offer all year round.
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  32. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Tamwood/GO International 101: Print Card (Vancouver)

    One service that we provide is printing & copying. Print & Copy cards are $5 & can be purchased on the 2nd fl of the Thurlow building. We accept only debit or credit cards. Just send your documents to wpintern@gointernational.ca, go to the GO International office & present your card!

    For more info on Tamwood/GO International services check our websites http://www.tamwood.com/ and http://www.gointernational.ca/!
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  33. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Just in time for warm weather, world’s most imaginative ice cream! Where's your favourite ice cream place in Canada? http://ow.ly/k891n
    Where to find the world’s most imaginative ice cream - travel tips and...
    Read Where to find the world’s most imaginative ice cream for travel tips, advice, news and articles from all around the world by Lonely Planet
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  34. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    It's spring! Which means, now's the time to..see MASSIVE sea lions in Steveston! http://ow.ly/k86R6
    Massive Sea Lions Visit Vancouver
    Photo credit: ubermoogle2006 | FlickrThey’re as long as a car and can weigh as much.Enormous Steller sea lions, which can grow to three metres and...
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  35. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    It's Friday! Time to grab a drink! Maybe at one of these top pubs in Toronto? http://ow.ly/k86ln
    The Best Pubs in Toronto
    The best pubs in Toronto are a handful of unique locales that reflect the city's increasingly complex tastes in beer, our preference to support...
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  36. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Don't know what souvenir to bring back home after your stay in Canada? Check out these unique gift shops in Toronto! http://ow.ly/k86du
    Toronto Gift Shops: The 10 Best Places to Buy Unique Gifts
    What is a Toronto gift? In a city this diverse, it could be anything and there’s a Toronto gift shop to cater to any taste. Finding that perfect...
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  37. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    The World Ski & Snowboard Festival is still going in Whistler until April 21! Check out music, arts and of course, skiing and snowboarding! www.wssf.com
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  38. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Summer is coming soon so start planning your trips! Why not try canoeing? 3 of the top 5 spots to canoe are in Canada! http://ow.ly/jyhdq
    Top 5 most incredible places in the world for Canoe camping 1- Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario - Canada Although there are numerous...
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  39. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    New changes to taxes in BC! Just a reminder that the 12% HST has been replaced by 7% GST (goods and services tax) + 5% PST (for some items) - ONLY in BC, Ontario still has HST. Learn all what's taxable and what's not here: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/topic.page?id=C8A18483A46E452A94E853BD5DB72CEB
    Provincial Sales Tax - Consumer Taxes
    Provincial Sales Tax
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  40. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Don't have perfect vision? Don't worry,here are tips on how to travel without worrying about losing your glasses/contacts http://ow.ly/jygUW
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  41. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    4 reasons travel insurance is a good idea! Did you know GI sells insurance? Contact us for more info! http://ow.ly/jygIz
    By Damian Tysdal Travelers are understandably reluctant to ‘waste’ their money on travel insurance especially when the cost...
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  42. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Gorgeous weather this weekend! Why not try a hike in Vancouver's forgotten park, Pacific Spirit Regional Park! http://ow.ly/jycHW
    Exploring Vancouver’s Forgotten Park: Inside Pacific Spirit
    Photo credit: michellerlee | FlickrWhen it comes to green space in Vancouver, 1,000-acre Stanley Park usually gets the spotlight. Queen Elizabeth...
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  43. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    It's Easter! Why not try a Canadian tradition, Easter Brunch! Here's a list of places in Toronto! http://ow.ly/jyccG
    10 restaurants to eat Easter brunch in Toronto for 2013
    Easter Brunch in Toronto is a great excuse to get together with friends and family for an elevated brunch experience. You know, something more than...
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  44. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Wow! Check out these photos taken illegally from the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt! http://ow.ly/jybZD
    The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally...
    Last week in Egypt, a group of Russian photographers apparently climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza—hiding from guards for four hours after closing...
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  45. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Just a reminder that the Tamwood Campuses are closed on Friday and Monday. We will be back on Tuesday, April 2. Happy Easter!
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  46. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Vancouver by the numbers! 22, 400, 1646, 1823, 2 300 000! What do these numbers mean? Find out here! http://ow.ly/jiN0V
    Vancouver by the Numbers
    Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre, with downtown’s highrises and Stanley Park in the background. Photo courtesy Tourism British...
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  47. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Looking to get away this weekend but have no $$? Here's a list of FREE things to do in Victoria! http://ow.ly/jiOkG
    Free Things to Do in Victoria: 20 Activities That Will Cost You $0
    Among the things to do in Victoria, the world-class attractions are worthy of a prominent place on your travel itinerary—Butchart Gardens, say, or...
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  48. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    This Saturday is Earth Hour! How are you going to give back and help protect the planet when it hits 8:30PM? http://ow.ly/jiOIw
    Earth Hour, the largest environmental event in history!
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  49. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    Have you gone winter surfing yet? Now's your chance in Tofino on Vancouver Island! Check out this video: http://ow.ly/jiMD8
    Winter surfing in Canada, eh?
    Little do most people know, Canada has a thriving surf scene. In the frigid Pacific waters on the country's west coast, the small community of...
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  50. tamwood-international
    Tamwood Language Centres
    For anyone in Vancouver, the Olympic Cauldron is going to be lit today from 6-10PM. Head over to the waterfront and start snapping photos!
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