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  1. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    We are excited and honored to welcome distinguished news anchor, journalist and best-selling author, Tom Brokaw, as the keynote speaker at this year’s Simon Benson Awards. Created in 1999, the annual event honors the region’s contemporary pioneers in philanthropy and helps raise funds to support Portland State scholarships, students, faculty, and programs.
    News: Tom Brokaw to speak at PSU's Simon Benson Awards Dinner honoring prominent Portlanders
    Portland State University (PSU) will present Rick and Erika Miller with its Simon Benson Award for philanthropy and present Bill Stoller with its Alumni Achievement Award at its 14th annual Simon Benson Awards Dinner on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the Oregon Convention Center.
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  2. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    This year, BioMed Central presented its top international research trophy to Portland State biology professor Ken Stedman and doctoral student Geoffrey Diemer for their discovery of a hybrid virus with both RNA and DNA structures in its genetic design. Fantastic work - hats off to our talented PSU faculty and students!
    News: PSU researchers win top international research award
    “What’s really great about this accomplishment is that it’s not about money; it’s about discovery,” said Jonathan Fink, PSU’s vice president for Research & Strategic Partnerships. “It’s about acknowledgment for creativity in a way that is very rare. To have a publication get this honor doesn’t happe...
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  3. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    High above our planet in the realm of satellites and space stations, a Portland State professor is making an "out-of-this-world" difference. Research led by PSU physics professor Mark Weislogel is helping develop a zero gravity cup that will allow astronauts to enjoy a cup of coffee and other drinks up in space. Wow!
    News: Starbucks in space? Scientists help astronauts drink coffee
    How do you take your coffee? In a cup? Astronauts show how the space coffee cup uses capillary action to keep them perked up.
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  4. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Did you know that Portland State has an award-winning social media presence? This year, PSU won a total of four national and international awards for its use of social media, particularly on Instagram. We don't say it often enough - thank you for being the greatest fans and for making our online community among the best!
    News: PSU wins national awards for social media
    Portland State University won three excellence awards - two at the 2013 Social Media Awards and another one at the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators (NACMA) Best of Awards - for effectively using social media to drive campus engagement.
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  5. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Great news for Portland State students! This morning, the Oregon Board of Higher Education cut planned tuition increases for next year, thanks to the state legislature's $15 million allocation to higher education in Oregon.
    News: New, smaller tuition increases approved for Oregon universities
    Using $5 million from the Legislature, the Oregon Board of Higher Education cuts planned tuition increases by $55 to $175 at each campus
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  6. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Huge, exciting news for both the campus and greater community! Thanks to the Oregon Legislature and private donors, PSU is underway to triple the size of its Portland State University School of Business Administration and turn the outdated Stott athletic center into a hub for educational, athletic and community events with the help of $64 million in state bonds.
    News: $64 million in state bonds to transform PSU’s business, academic and athletic spaces
    The Oregon Legislature’s approval of $40 million for the School of Business Administration and $24 million for the Stott Educational Center and Viking Pavilion will transform two high-traffic areas of PSU’s downtown campus with more classrooms, auditoriums, study rooms, computer labs and a 5,500-sea...
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  7. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Thanks to ideas and efforts in a Portland State classroom, Oregon's state legislature is moving ahead with a proposed tuition program that could eliminate tuition and loans at state colleges and radically make a college education more affordable. What do you think of this plan?
    News: Oregon Looks at Way to Attend College Now and Repay State Later
    The Legislature has approved a proposal that could have students commit a percentage of future income for university payment, but it faces procedural and practical hurdles.
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  8. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    At Portland State, students don't wait until after graduation to begin changing the world. For the past five years, PSU's programs have supplied Green Empowerment with a knowledgeable volunteer base as students in the environmental management and MBA programs travel to Nicaragua to help build projects that use renewable sources to bring water and electricity to rural areas.
    News: PSU students fuel Green Empowerment with Nicaragua volunteers
    PSU students stay in rural villages and work with community members to build projects, part of both Asofenix's and Green Empowerment's community-based models
    Facebook 03 July 2013    Like · Comment
  9. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Thanks to a generous donation from Tektronix, the godfather of Oregon's tech industry, Portland State University School of Business Administration has received $250,000 to help pay for a $60 million renovation and expansion of the existing business building. What an exciting time for PSU and the greater Portland business community!
    News: Tektronix donates $250,000 toward new Portland State business school
    PSU has 3,000 students enrolled at its business school. It plans to expand the existing building from 52,000 square feet to 94,000 square feet.
    Facebook 28 June 2013    Like · Comment
  10. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    PSU Commencement 2013 Spotlight: In college at 12. Off to start her Ph.D at 16 at the prestigious College of Computing at Georgia Tech. And this weekend, the brilliant Tesca Fitzgerald will be a Portland State graduate. Hats off to you Tesca and the rest of PSU's fabulous class of 2013!
    News: At 16, Tigard's Tesca Fitzgerald blazes new intellect
    At 16, Tesca Fitzgerald will graduate Sunday from Portland State University with honors in computer science.
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  11. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    PSU Commencement 2013 Spotlight: Five years ago, Nicholas Robbins lost his auto sales job as the U.S. economy tanked. On Saturday, June 16, among an estimated 6,180 graduates, he will graduate from Portland State with a full diversity scholarship to Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)'s medical school. Congratulations Nicholas and to the rest of PSU's class of 2013!
    Portland State Inside PSU | Car sales to med school via PSU
    The largest class yet at Portland State University graduates in two ceremonies June 16.
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  12. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State students, faculty and staff are invited to PSU President Wiewel's end-of-the year town hall today from 3-4:30pm in the Smith Ballroom for a recap of the academic year. These presentations will be followed by a question-and-answer session and a food-and-beverage reception. See you there!
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  13. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Finals Week has arrived! Don't forget -- the Portland State University Library will be open 24 hours all week. Good luck on your finals and power through the term, Portland State Vikings!
    24/7 Library During Dead and Finals Weeks
    The Library will be open 24/7 during Spring 2013 Dead Week and Finals Week.
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  14. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    The Portland State community sends a big and warm welcome to Robert Bucker, the new dean of PSU's College of the Arts. Dean Bucker brings more than 40 years of experience in fine and performing arts. We look forward to his leadership, passion and experience. Welcome to PSU, Robert!
    News: Robert Bucker appointed as PSU's new dean of the College of the Arts
    Following a national search, Portland State University (PSU) has appointed Robert Bucker as the new dean of the recently created College of the Arts.
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  15. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Last week, Sona Andrews, Portland State's provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, announced the Provost's Challenge Awards in the Inspiration Challenge category. The projects, totaling $200,000, offer various solutions that use technology to improve student success and graduation rates. Awarded projects range from new online advising and mentoring opportunities to open source textbook publishing.
    The Inspiration Challenge awards are part of “reThink PSU,” a larger campus-wide effort underway to improve teaching and learning at the University by investing in innovation. Earlier this month, Andrews announced 10 awards in the Reframing and Acceleration categories totaling $2.3 million.
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  16. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    The annual Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade is tonight! Be on the look out for the PSU float with KPSU dueling DJs, a dancing Victor E. Viking, Portland State Vikings celebrities and the Viking Fanbulance lighting up the parade route. Also, stop by our photo booth to say hello and get your picture taken. Our town, your team - Go Viks!
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  17. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Congratulations to the eight Portland State award recipients, including PSU alumna and Portland Farmers Market executive director Trudy Toliver, recognized at this year's annual Sustainability Celebration! Hats off to each of them for their efforts advancing sustainability at PSU and in the local community.
    News: PSU announces sustainability excellence awards
    Portland State University honored eight sustainability leaders at the sixth annual PSU Sustainability Celebration on May 28 in the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom.
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  18. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    PSU Chronicles Student Blog: Have you ever gone river rafting? Follow PSU international studies student Mario Quintana's latest blog post on a recent rafting adventure as he escapes the everyday hustle and bustle.
    River rafting in Estacada
    The last three weeks have been torture for me trying to get back on my feet. I am slowly moving again and creating a structure for my life. My friends, family, school advisers and work teammates ar...
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  19. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State President Wim Wiewel will honor 10 students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors today for their work advancing diversity on campus at the Ninth Annual President’s Diversity Awards. Congratulations to each award recipient and thank you for making our campus community a better place for all!
    News: PSU President Wim Wiewel celebrates diversity with annual awards
    PSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors will receive awards for their work promoting and honoring diversity at the University and in the community
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  20. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State University is excited to announce 10 projects selected to receive $2.3 million in the Provost's Challenge Awards. The faculty and staff projects range from a new Social Entrepreneurship Certificate program to new online courses and resources in University Studies — all in the reframing and acceleration categories. The Provost Challenge provides funding for ideas that reTHINK PSU.
    News: 'Re-Think PSU' Launches New Classes
    Portland State University is rolling out $2.3 million in grants for new academic programs and approaches solicited from hundreds of faculty members.
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  21. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    As the school year comes to a close, we're excited to team up with the PSU Multicultural Center to bring the Portland State Tweetup and Roots Festival Fair to campus this spring term. PSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends are invited to celebrate diversity and community with free Hawaiian food, performances, booths, prizes, meet and greet and more. Save the date!
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  22. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    The Portland State campus doesn't slow down in the summer, with 15,000 students and 2,200 classes in everything from "First-Year Modern Hebrew" to "Stellar Astronomy." Plan ahead and take summer on in the beautiful City of Roses!
    Portland State Inside PSU | Summer Session 2013: Take Summer On
    Live and learn in beautiful Portland, Oregon this summer. Register now for flexible schedules and formats.
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  23. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Fantastic news for our campus and the city of Portland! Thanks largely to an $8 million anonymous gift from an alum, PSU will expand its Portland State University School of Business Administration, adding 42,000 square feet of new construction and renovations to the school's existing 52,000 square feet.
    News: Portland State to more than double size of business school
    Portland State University plans to more than double the physical size of its School of Business
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  24. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Committed to Portland State University's roots of accommodating returning World War II veterans in 1946 and breaking down barriers for an increasing student veteran population, PSU is excited to launch a Veteran's Resource Center this fall.
    Portland State University (PSU), whose student body contains a higher proportion of military veterans than any other Oregon university, is launching a Veteran's Resource Center (VRC), a new service for veteran students attending PSU.
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  25. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Sitting in the top four of the national rankings, the national advocacy organization The League of American Bicyclists has named Portland State a gold-level Bicycle Friendly University. A big shout out goes to PSU's strong cycling community!
    News: Portland State named Gold Bicycle Friendly University by national bike advocacy group
    Portland State University has moved up from silver to gold in this year’s Bicycle Friendly University ratings from the League of American Bicyclists.
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  26. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    PSU Chronicles Student Blog: What’s your favorite hot spot when late-night munchies attack? Subway sandwiches? Cheerful Tortoise's chicken wings? Or good, old Top Ramen noodles? Chime in on this blog post by Portland State student Jake Stein.
    When late-night munchies attack, where do you turn?
    We've all been there before. You're up hours past your bed time, studying for that midterm in the morning, and suddenly your stomach starts grumbling.
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  27. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    What do Portland State students Anita Ramachandran (’07), Jason Kallingal ('12) and Amelia Pape ('11) all have in common? They are all changing the world in various ways, thanks to the MBA they each received from Portland State University School of Business Administration's renowned graduate program.
    Portland State Inside PSU | Dream big with an  MBA
    Portland State’s Master of Business Administration program is ranked high in U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review and the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education. Its curriculum combines a solid, traditional MBA core with an intense focus on leadership, innovation and sustainability.
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  28. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Green — it’s more than our school color, it’s our school spirit. For the forth year in a row, the Princeton Review names Portland State University one of the greenest colleges in the U.S.
    News: PSU featured in Guide to Green Colleges
    For the forth year in a row, Portland State University has made it into The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges.
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  29. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State University extends deepest thoughts and sympathy to all the victims and those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon today.
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  30. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    PSU Chronicles Student Blog: When it comes to shopping, are you a proud "thrifter?" Do you have favorite local shops you'd recommend? Chime in on PSU community development student Jeanie Pham's latest blog post!
    My Fashion Secret: Thrifting
    Portland is known for the “hipster” look; our clothes are either outrageous or we have no fashion sense at all. I don’t know if it’s the weather or my limited student budget, but I will fully admit...
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  31. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    One of the most difficult tasks of being a college student is figuring out what classes to take and when to take them. To make the process a bit easier, Portland State University is excited to unveil a new website with prescriptive degree maps outlining the “path,” if you will, that students need to take to graduate in four years. What do you think of PSU's new degree maps?
    Portland State Inside PSU | A roadmap to a 4-year degree
    New degree maps at PSU help students save money and time.
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  32. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Thank you to PSU alumni Keren Brown Wilson and Michael DeShane for your contributions to the College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University and your remarkable work in improving the lives of older adults!
    News: PSU’s 2013 Urban Pioneer Award honors two leaders in assisted living
    The College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University is pleased to honor Keren Brown Wilson and Michael DeShane for their groundbreaking work in helping people age with dignity.
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  33. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State's Master of Architecture degree has received initial accreditation, qualifying its graduates to pursue professional licenses in a strengthening job market. Great work, Portland State University School of Architecture!
    Portland State University’s School of Architecture is buzzing with pride as the school announced that its Master of Architecture program, established in 2009, has received initial professional accreditation from the National Architectural Accrediting Board.
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  34. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Take a break from studying and celebrate one of our favorite days of the year -- Free Cone Day! Join our friends at PSU Urban Plaza's nonprofit ice cream shop Ben & Jerry's Portland PartnerShops this Tuesday, April 9th for a free ice cream treat while helping raise funds for homeless and at-risk youth. See you there!
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  35. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State is already Oregon’s largest university. And it’s expected to get a whole lot bigger over the next decade. Great piece by Oregon Public Broadcasting- OPB on PSU's growing presence.
    News: PSU - Oregon's Largest University Looks For Room To Grow
    Students across Oregon come back from Spring Break Monday. Thousands are starting the spring term at Portland State University, Oregon's largest university in the state.
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  36. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Check out this former student making headlines! PSU alum, Douglas Soesbe, wrote the screenplay for an upcoming film starring Robin Williams.
    PSU alum pens film to feature Robin Williams
    A former Portland State University student has written screenplay that will start filming in Nashville with Robin Williams in the lead role.
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  37. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Grades are out Vikings!! Go check yours out on Banweb. Let us know how you did!
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  38. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Hey Vikings! Now that finals are over, what are your plans for the break? Let us know what you’ll be up to: "During spring break I am going to _________."
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  39. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State leads the way in Oregon with a proposed carbon tax. Professor Tom Potiowski's research on reducing carbon emissions may help raise $1 billion in revenue for Oregon.
    A new Portland State University report shows that a carbon tax in conjunction with a policy shift could generate $1 billion a year for Oregon—while at the same time shrinking other taxes and reducing greenhouse gases.
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  40. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Hey Vikings come to the KPSU Trivia Night at and show us how much trivial knowledge you have.
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  41. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Please don't stop the music because good news keep coming at PSU! Did you know that KPSU -- Portland State's student-run radio station -- was just named 10th best college radio station in the nation? Way to go!
    The 25 Best College Radio Stations
    Nobody listens to radio anymore, right? Spotify this, Rhapsody that... there’s a large and growing number of internet streaming services that offer personalized stations, DJ-free programming, and hours upon hours of static-free listening bliss.
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  42. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Four Portland State grad programs - including those within the PSU School of Social Work - ranked in the top 50 in their fields and another four were included in the top 100 in the 2014 U.S. News Best Grad Schools guidebook. Our programs stand out in the crowd - no big deal!
    Four Portland State University (PSU) graduate programs ranked in the top 50 in their fields, and another four were included in the top 100 in the 2014 “U.S. News Best Grad Schools” guidebook, released March 12. PSU was one of 600 institutions surveyed by U.S. News.
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  43. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    This April, Portland State University is proud to host an evening featuring Tim Wise, best-selling author and lecturer on racism and privilege in today's society. The event is free for PSU students, faculty and staff, and $5 for the public. Get your tickets now!
    Portland State Global Diversity and Inclusion | An Evening with Tim Wise
    Tickets are required for all attendees, and can be obtained at the PSU Box Office inside the Broadway entrance of Smith Memorial Student Union or online.
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  44. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    The first research project of its kind in the United States, Portland State University has received a $5 million grant to study how supervisors can help military veterans reintegrate in the workplace. Way to blaze a trail, PSU!
    Portland State University is launching a five-year project to study and implement workplace training for supervisors of returning veterans. It is the first research project of its kind in the United States to implement supervisor training as part of addressing the particular needs of reintegrating…
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  45. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Take a break from finals and join the Portland State Programming Board to play video games and eat breakfast at midnight. Come one, come all -- see you tonight, Vikings!
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  46. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Great news for Portland State art students! Thanks to the Schnitzer family, a new annual visual arts prize totaling $9,500 will help two students at PSU's School of Art & Design.
    News: Arlene Schnitzer creates new visual arts prize at Portland State University
    Art students at Portland State University will soon be able to compete for a new visual arts prize. Arlene Schnitzer, the well-known Portland philanthropist, created the prize, totaling $9,500. It is the largest cash award in the School of Art and Design.
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  47. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    We're not sure about the "ugliest" but we're so excited about all the possibilities and opportunities an update to the 50-year-old athletic Stott Center will bring to the campus and greater Portland community. What do you think, Vikings?
    News: PSU wants to remake the Park Blocks' ugliest building into a sports, study & event showcase
    PSU acknowledges its $44 million plan didn't make the cut for a needed $22 million in state funding. But they're not giving up on their campaign to raise private and state money to give students more space to study
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  48. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    A ranking among the nation’s top 10 “up and coming” universities. A proposed expansion and renovation of the PSU School of Business Administration. Graduating over 6,000 students in 2012, the most at any university in Oregon's history. These are just a few recent accomplishments and what's coming up on campus. Find out more in the second annual President's Progress Report on Portland State University.
    Portland State Inside PSU | President's Progress Report 2013
    As the largest and most diverse university in Oregon, we’ve worked hard to create a vital education and research environment at our growing downtown campus.
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  49. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Portland State University is the first campus in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington to sign on to a new challenge from state and national health officials to adopt a smoke- or tobacco-free policy by 2016.
    News: PSU first to join regional Fresh Air Campus Challenge
    Portland State University is taking on the challenge of being smoke and tobacco free by 2016. Organizers launched the Fresh Air Campus Challenge Thursday at PSU. The effort brings together campuses and local, state and national health organizations.
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  50. portland-state-university
    Portland State University
    Facebook 27 February 2013    Like · Comment
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