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The Revolution! is an interactive transmedia project that will empower each and every one of us to help facilitate change in some way, no matter how small. Whether its change at home, in your community, globally or just within you- you will have the tools you need to be the change you wish to see in the world. We will walk step-by-step and do it together.
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  1. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    Hey Everyone! Wheelock is running a global conference through Saturday. There is a ton of great conversations around human rights, education, and health.

    If you are interested in joining virtually the livestream is https://www.facebook.com/globalcauses/app_142371818162 and the hashtag is #globalcauses
    Wheelock Global Causes | Livestream
    Leaders exploring pressing issues affecting children, youth, and families in education, health, and human rights across the globe.
    Facebook 20 June 2013    Like · Comment
  2. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    Brilliant. A billboard in Spain created by an organization dedicated to aiding abused children shows a different message to children and adults, even if both see the ad at the same time.
    Billboard Shows Different Messages for Kids and Adults
    A billboard in Spain shows a different message for kids and adults.
    Facebook 07 May 2013    Like · Comment
  3. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    LAST 24 HRS: We added a retreat to Montreal & Italy. If #BostonStrong has taught us anything, it's that we need change: http://ow.ly/jCFux /Consider joining us! :-D
    The Agents Of Change Tour
    A 40+ city tour to explore the impact of creativity and collaboration.
    Facebook 21 April 2013    Like · Comment
  4. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    If we really want to change the world, we must start with ourselves and our children.
    Teaching Social Good to Our Children
    Promoting social good is a worthy and admirable cause that I firmly believe in. Everyone has the power to make a difference, and each small step we take towards that greater good is a huge victory in the battle to change the world for the better.
    Facebook 15 April 2013    Like · Comment
  5. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    How did the HRC get so many people to change their profile pictures in support of marriage equality? Find out here:
    The Strategy Behind the Viral Red Marriage Equality Campaign
    The Human Rights Campaign's Director of Marketing Anastasia Khoo reveals how the organization got its red equality sign to go viral on Facebook.
    Facebook 07 April 2013    Like · Comment
  6. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    Anyone who works for a nonprofit knows all too well about the donation scramble. This is why creating an impactful Facebook Page should be an integral part your marketing efforts is a no-brainer.
    » 3 ways nonprofits can use Facebook apps to motivate donors
    Social media consulting for nonprofits
    Facebook 03 April 2013    Like · Comment
  7. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    In this video, Chris Brogan gives insight into the business of nonprofits, why trust is a critical component in relationship building, and the importance of your organization’s online storefront.
    » How nonprofits can build better relationships
    Social media consulting for nonprofits
    Facebook 23 March 2013    Like · Comment
  8. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    Need some inspiration on what you can do to promote social good? Check out our blog page for ideas, then get working!
    The Our Revolution Blog
    ad·ven·ture: noun, verb 1. a bold, usually risky undertaking 2. an exciting or very unusual experience. Some people sail through life, reluctant to take risks.
    Facebook 07 March 2013    Like · Comment
  9. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    Hey, Revolutionaries! If you're in the Boston area, we are kicking off our Agents of Change Kickstarter and 40+ city tour on Wednesday, March 20. Join us for a memorable night of stunning performances, inspired conversation, creativity and organized mayhem!
    The Agents of Change Kickoff Party!
    A One-of-a-Kind Kickoff Party Come join us for a Memorable Night of Stunning Performances, Inspired Conversation, Creativity and Organized Mayhem. We are sparking a creativity movement and we need your help. Ja-Nae Duane and the Agents of Change crew want you to come!
    Facebook 05 March 2013    Like · Comment
  10. our-revolution
    Our Revolution
    This is a neat find! >> "Many [artisans] who are on our site would not normally be on the Internet; they don't even know what the Internet is. You can look at different parts of the world and see what people are doing right now — what kinds of traditions they're preserving, what kind of new art forms they're creating."
    GlobeIn Is Like Etsy for Global Crafts
    New website GlobeIn is aiming to connect skilled artisans -- many of whom do not have Internet access -- with the global economy.
    Facebook 03 March 2013    Like · Comment
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