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  1. Constantin
    Constantin, Munich
    German TV production company seeking for unique family!!!

    Interested? Any suggestions? /// Would be nice if you let me know it!

    We really appreciate any kind of help.

    Best wishes,

    Constantin Entertainment Germany
    10 May 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Alex
    Alex, Lucknow
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to here, but I really liked the concept ,I have been hosting people i have met during my travels to other countries.

    I am taking the step to introduce myself, because I would enjoy hosting and meeting new people. I am really looking forward to host people at my place in Lucknow, India.

    When you visit me, I am open to spend time with you. I can show you around the historical sites and nature parks. So looking forward to some interesting associations.

    Best wishes

    12 October 2012    Like · Comment
  3. Lauren
    Lauren, Christchurch
    I'm gonna be here Nov 13-Nov 22. Who wants to show me around? :)
    07 October 2012    Like · Comment
  4. Adriana
    Adriana, New York City
    If you need a bedroom in New York, I have a peaceful bedroom for you; please check my profile for details and pictures.
    03 September 2012    Like · Comment
  5. Tania
    Tania, Cape Town
    Wanting to meet fellow travellers. Visiting New York 28 Sept - 4 Oct. Cannot wait to explore the City but would like to do it with fellow travellers!!
    11 August 2012    Like · Comment
  6. Soul
    Soul, Pahoa
    How many Hawai'ian Gay Shamans & Monks do you know? Let's connect while I'm in town (4/29 - 6/9) and you'll be able to say at least - ONE! Send a private note if you're open to hosting an evening potluck then powerful guided meditation and debrief afterwards. We'll explore more.
    13 April 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Soul
      Soul, Pahoa
      13 April 2012
  7. Pooja
    Pooja, Dublin

    I am an Indian living in Ireland with my husband. We both work here as IT professionals from last few years and would like to take some time off to visit New York City. We are arriving in New York on 31-May-2012 at 5pm and leaving NYC on 4-June at 11am so we require a place to stay for 4 nights.

    We are interested in couch surfing for the our stay. We are very clean and simple people. We promise to be good guests.

    Also if you suggest some places to visit in the city, things to do and also some info about any advanced booking if required for any museums, theme park or any other visitor attractions. We would like to stay close to the city centre area or at a place which is close to city centre by public transport.

    Any suggestions about our trip would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    12 April 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hi Pooja! You're going to love NYC! To find local hosts, be sure to also check out Tripping's search - simply type "New York City" into the search bar above and you'll be able to contact folks directly. :)
      12 April 2012
    2. Pooja
      Pooja, Dublin
      Hi, thanks for the info. Is there a quick way to select people who I want to send the tripping request, I noticed that for every request I have to enter the dates & time of travel and then write message individually. Is there any sort of template I can create and send that to a host in NYC.
      12 April 2012
  8. Femma
    Femma, Weesp
    Flying from Charlotte (business meeting) for a few days to New York city!! My first visit and I am very excited! I would love to meet some locals or even stay with someone instead of staying alone in a hotel :-)

    On the menu for New York: sight seeing, shopping, relaxing & partying!

    Which GIRL is able to host me from 18 April - 21 April???
    12 April 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey Femma! You're going to love NYC. To find folks who can host - simply do a search for New York City and you'll be able to find all the local hosts and rentals that you can reach out directly to. Have a blast! :)
      12 April 2012
  9. Adeline
    We would like to exchange our exquisite appartment in the central Paris with a flat in Manhattan.
    May 5 - May 12
    Talk to you soon!
    04 April 2012    Like · Comment
  10. Arabella
    Arabella, Springfield

    I am arriving in the big apple on Friday April 5th and fly back out on the 11th. I would love the opportunity to stay with some locals while I am there. Hotels can be so cold and uninviting. Im looking at opening a business in Manhattan and what better way to understand the market than through the people that make NY the awesome city it is! Im always up for a fun adventure and would love to re-pay the compliment in the good old mid-west!
    31 March 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hi Bella! Very cool you'll be visiting the Big Apple. To find a host in the Big Apple, search for "New York City" in the header and you'll be able to reach out to hosts directly. Have fun! :)
      02 April 2012
  11. Geraldine
    Hi, everybody! Im coming to NY on the 22of May, from Zew Zealand, for 10 days. I am an artist and natural therapist, born in Italy.
    I m looking for nice people happy to host me . Many blessings! G
    26 March 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hi Geraldine! NY is amazing in the Spring. To find a host in NYC, search for "New York City" in the header and you'll be able to reach out to hosts directly. Have fun! :)
      02 April 2012
  12. Geraldine
    Hi NYC lovely people! Im coming to NYC around middle May on my way to Italy to visit my old mum, for the Veggie Parade, to visit art galleries and Vegan restaurants etc. Im a bit anxious coming from the NZ country-side where I live to the huge bIg Apple .My original plan was to stay in NY 3weeks but I cant afford the high cost of a hostel,and I didnt get any hosting replay up to now, so Im currently looking at 10 days . I hope to find a nice place where to stay close to centre town, even better to be showed something around in the art world or vegan places. I will be happy to host back one day in NZ in the beautiful scenery where I stay. For more new about me I can exchange my FB friendship, where I am open book! :-)
    24 March 2012    Like · Comment
  13. Cat
    Cat, Columbus
    Hello NYC residents! My friend Sina and I are going to be coming to nyc on april 13h. We are in need of a place to stay till the 16th. Sina is familiar with the area and would like to show me around the city. We just need a nice place to stay with host that won't mind us coming and going (especially late nights after the clubs and bars which you are more than welcome to come out with us!
    Check out my CS page if you want more deets!
    CouchSurfing - Cat Hohmann
    09 March 2012    Like · Comment
  14. Zoë
    Zoë, Poultney
    I am trying to live in the city this summer, but I cannot afford to pay rent. I have been looking for hostel jobs where I can work in exchange for a bed at the hostel, or even being a live in nanny would work, too. Does anyone have any suggestions for hostels or ways to find jobs in NYC where I don't have to pay rent? I don't even care if I get paid, I just want to be in the city! If I don't find one...I may just trip in NYC the whole summer!
    14 February 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey there! This is a great question. I'm sure members will have some great advice - I would also recommend posting your question in our Question and Answer Knowledge Network as well - You can do this in the Q&A tab above! :)
      14 February 2012
  15. Oliver
    Oliver, Dallas
    I'm looking for recommendations for great restaurants for dinner downtown (Meat Packing District, SoHo, Chelsea)...something with a sexy vibe, great food!!!! and cocktails and where you can have a conversation without shouting.

    08 February 2012    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey Oliver! You should totally ask this question in our Q&A (see tab above). :)
      29 February 2012
  16. Johanna
    Johanna, Dortmund
    Hi there,
    I am Johanna, short Jo from Dortmund, Germany, and I am travelling alone the first time.
    I am visiting NYC for two weeks (2/22/12-3/8/12).
    I am an artist ( wood and ice carving ) who loves to lough, loves to cook and eat vegan things.
    I like to see some tourist stuff, go shopping, eat vegan cheesecake, pizza... I like to go to parties or concerts and see as much art as possible.
    I am visiting the "Vegetarian Food Fest NYC" on 3/3 and 3/4.
    BUT I don`t want to do this all alone. So please feel welcome to join me or show me some nice places.
    I am also searching for places to sleep, so if you like to help...

    Bye then, Jo
    06 February 2012    Like · Comment
  17. Rob
    Rob, Perth
    Hello New Yorkers
    I'm a 32 year old Australian guy flying into NYC from Iceland, either Tues 17th or Wed 18th Jan. I'd love to meet some natives, and am also looking for a place to stay, so if anyone is interested, hit me up. (I know it's late notice, but I think it's actually easier for people to know what they're doing in the next days, rather than months!)
    I'll have my bike with me, and am looking forward to cycling the city (I know it's cold, but less snow than Reykjavik I hope!)

    I'm super fresh on here, thus no validation, but couchsurfing and facebook should be ok!
    CouchSurfing - Rob Lilley
    16 January 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Rob
      Rob, Perth
      until Sun 22nd, or Mon 23rd, when I'll fly down to Argentina
      16 January 2012
  18. George
    George, Vólos
    Hey there,

    We are 4 university students from Greece 2 girls and 2 guys and we are coming to New York to see it and experience it.
    We will be there from the 26th of March till the 6th of April.
    (Actually the 2 of us are going to leave on the 3rd and the rest on the 6th)

    We would really like to meet with local people to show us around and introduce us to the unknown part of the city.

    It would also be great if you could host us for some days.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    16 January 2012    Like · Comment
  19. louise
    louise, Brussels
    Hello there, I came recently on after someone suggesting me on CS ! (so that also explains the quite empty profile )I'm 21, from Belgium and a Linguistic student. I'm coming to NYC on 9th til 13th february with my friend.(he studies civil engineering) We would not only like to see the city, we would also like to feel it.And therefor there is no better way than to meet locals, share experiences, hang out etc (oh yeah, minor detail; we were also wondering if someone would be OK to offer us a couch! ) Can't wait to come !:)
    09 January 2012    Like · Comment
  20. Tafffffa
    Tafffffa, Montréal
    Hey awesome CSers, I have been in your unique city for few days now. Currently I am looking for a couch to crash on for the night and couple more days. thanks
    28 December 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Tafffffa
      Tafffffa, Montréal
      btw, i just joined so my profile is empty. but u can find full profile with many references of mine on couchsurfing
      28 December 2011
  21. franck
    franck, Montréal
    Hi all,
    I passed already 7 days at hostel international but would like to stay 4 days more.
    unfortunately all hostels are full so if anyone could offer a bed,...
    About me: live in Montreal Canada, I love to cook french and italian food, I make anthropology studies, very social I like to share everything with nice people.
    27 December 2011    Like · Comment
  22. Lee
    Lee, Americana
    Hello everybody,
    My name is Hong Yeon Lee from Dae-Jeon,South Korea.
    I have been for almost 4 months in the United States.
    I came here as an exchange student. I’m learning English in Presbyterian College which is located in South Carolina.I have a plan to travel in New York. I want to spend time with great people during my winter vacation. I will go to New York, on 24, December. I'm finding some people who host to me 3 days from the 24th ~27th, December. I love to talk about our life as well as lighter chat.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    All the wishes,
    09 December 2011    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey Lee! Thanks for your post. You're going to LOVE NYC! Definitely be sure to search for local members that you can reach out directly to through the main search field in the header above the Network! :)
      20 December 2011
  23. Christian
    Christian, Montréal
    hello, my name is christian, Im a canadian travelling with a friend called jean-sébastien and we want to discover new-york. Were hopping get a couch to stay for 2 or 3 days (15-16-17 dec.) if you check out my profil you will see my interest and those of my friend (we got the same or so, he's my best friend). Any advice, suggestion or invitation would be helpfull, see you soon in NY @+++
    07 December 2011    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hope you had a great trip, Christian! :)
      20 December 2011
  24. Kristof
    Kristof, Gent
    I am a 26 year old Belgian coming to New York at the end of this month to explore the city and to celebrate New Year's Eve.
    I would like to ask you if you have accommodation for me for 3 nights.
    I have no problems sightseeing by myself, but it would be great if you could show me around your favorite places.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,
    07 December 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Kristof
      Kristof, Gent
      I'll be arriving December 28th and I'll be leaving on January 1st.
      07 December 2011
    2. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hi Kristof! You can also reach out to local members and explore local rentals for accommodations by searching New York, NY, USA in the main search field above. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
      20 December 2011
  25. Al
    Al, New York City
    Any travelers in town there will be a meetup this Tues in NYC, Check out the link

    Location: North America > United States > New York > New York
    Address: 140 East 27th Street (Between Third Ave and Lexington Ave)
    Date: December 6th, 2011 - 7:00 pm
    End: December 27th, 2011 - 11:59 pm

    Confirmed Yet: Yes

    EVERY TUESDAY 7PM ~ 12 AM (OK, until they close) for the month of December, we'll be going to a new bar as recommended by Al.

    Stone Creek!!!

    It is a relative calm, quiet bar with very friendly staff and a large room in the back reserve exclusively for us. There's a TV, speakers, music, and we can setup tables in the back for card games, etc.

    They also have a large selection of good beer on tap (Guiness) and $0.25 wings along with good appetizer and entrees.

    We were also able to get us good special on food and drinks for the entire evening.

    $10 Pitchers of Bud Light
    $4 Pint of Bud Light or Stone Creek Ale
    $5 Pints of: Stella Artois, Bass, Blue Moon, Hoegarden, Goose Island IPA, and Guiness
    $5 Glass of house red or white
    $4 Well Drinks

    Here's the Food and Drinks menu:
    CouchSurfing - ★ December Tuesday night dinner/poker/wii/tv/DDR/meeting ★
    04 December 2011    Like · Comment
  26. Xavier
    Xavier, Brussels
    Hello everybody,

    I'm from Belgium and will cam in NY for 10 days from 25th december till 6 january. I'm came in NY to meet new people, visit the city and share the way of live of your city. Can someone host me for one ore more days, or only met me for chating or visit NY, or drink a good beer or ...

    28 November 2011    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey Xavier! Thanks for posting on the NYC Network - be sure to also search for locals in the main search field in the header above this Network to reach out to folks directly. :)
      20 December 2011
  27. Cristina
    Cristina, Barcelona
    Hola a todos! I am from Spain but nowadays I am living in Iowa. I am coming with one friend to NY the 25 to 25th december! I would like to know if someone can host us for these days and meet us! I would like to know new people! It's my first time here in tripping! But i feel it will be awesome!
    Thanks - gracias! :)
    14 November 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Cristina
      Cristina, Barcelona
      SORRY! to the 28th december until the 3th January! thnks thnks!
      29 November 2011
  28. Gabriel
    Gabriel, Colima
    Hi everyone, me and other international students (a total of 4) from the University of Iowa are going to go to NYC from November 20 to 25. If someone can host us for those days would be amazing! Thanks! :D
    10 November 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Cristina
      Cristina, Barcelona
      Hey Gabriel! I am Cristina and I am from Spain. Actually I am living in Iowa near burlington Iowa! It's at 1:20h from Iowa City! I am comming to NY the 25th..ohhh it's a shame not to be there at the same periode! Where from Iowa, Iowa city? I am here working as a exchange teacher:) great to meet you!
      I am looking for someone who can host us the 25th until the 27th december :)!
      14 November 2011
  29. Karl
    Karl, San Jose
    Hey all, will be in NYC with two friends this weekend, looking to stay at HI-NY for a couple nights, would anyone up to host up for the rest of the weekend? Specifically Sun-Mon night? If you could host us before that we can switch the dates around too. I'm a wheelchair traveler so it's not easy to find a host, even worse with 3 trippers! Yikes! Showing my friends the experience of tripping/surfing because they're interested in what I do. If you can not help, but want to hang out, let me know! We'd love to meet up with some local trippers :)

    18 October 2011    Like · Comment
  30. new-york-city
    New York City
    Check out this great Oktoberfest event next week here in NYC! :)
    Hostelberfest!  - Hostelling- Eventbrite
    Hostelling International New York presents Hostelberfest! -- Saturday, October 22, 2011 -- New York, NY
    15 October 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Anis
      Anis, San Francisco
      Looks like it's going to be a blast!
      15 October 2011
  31. Alyssa
    Alyssa, Norman
    Hey everyone... A small group of us honors students from the University of Oklahoma is driving to NYC to Occupy Wall Street this weekend. As the 99%, we do not have a lot of money to spend, and are looking for a place to crash. We are not picky, and are willing to sleep on the floor so long as there is a roof over our heads. Does anyone in the City have room for the 4-5 of us? We will be getting into town on Friday mid-day, and will need a place to sleep Friday and probably Saturday night. THANK YOU!
    05 October 2011    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      I'm traveling at the moment but will be back in town next week and may be able to host - feel free to message me!
      06 October 2011
    2. Karl
      Karl, San Jose
      Hey, I'm getting into NY with two of my friends at that time at well, and we're looking to go straight to Occupy with our cameras! Lets join up :)
      18 October 2011
  32. Madalina
    Madalina, Estes Park
    Hi everybody!
    Don't worry, I am not trying to find a place to sleep. I will be in New york between 1-8 of October and I just need a place to leave my luggage for two nights (3 and 4) because I will go with a bus to Niagara Falls and I don't want to carry with me all my luggage. I will be staying at the West Side Ymca Hostel, 5 West 63rd Street for two nights and than 3 nights at another hostel and I don't know where to leave my luggage.
    Do you think somebody can help me?
    30 September 2011    Like · Comment
  33. new-york-city
    New York City
    I am moving to NYC and would love some recommendations on where I can find the best dive in the west village.
    28 September 2011    Like · Comment
    1. new-york-city
      New York City
      Hey Jeff! Awesome. You're going to love the city - I'd recommend checking out the Peculiar Pub in the West Village to start. There's a lot of cool places in that area. :)
      28 September 2011
    2. Ari
      Ari, New York City
      Jeff, I'm a huge fan of Radio Bar on 8th Ave. ( and Art Bar right next to it (
      29 September 2011
  34. new-york-city
    New York City
    Welcome to the Tripping Community City Network for New York City. Have fun using this Network to connect with locals and travelers in the city that never sleeps!
    10 September 2011    Like · Comment Terms of Useclose
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