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Love traveling and heading to shows and seeing music? Awesome - then this is the place for you. Use this Network to connect with other music lovers when you hit the road to see shows or go to festivals. You'll have fun meeting new people, sharing rides and finding a place to stay along the way.
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"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." -tim cahill

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  1. Peter
    Peter, Frankfurt am Main
    .. Heiy - what´s up here .. .
    27 November 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Carl
    Carl, Funchal
    Hi, I am new on this and do not know how this works, but follow the link to see our apartment.
    Our Madeira Holiday Apartment - Madeira Holidays
    The Monumental Green Park, Funchal, Madeira self catering holiday apartment accommodation and facilities
    23 November 2012    Like · Comment
  3. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    Festival season is nearing its end but there's still a few smaller events coming up in August. What was your favorite festival of the summer and what events are you still looking forward to?
    25 July 2012    Like · Comment
  4. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    Stay tuned to Headstash's 2012 Electric Forest Guide for our review coverage and pictures from the magical event.
    04 July 2012    Like · Comment
  5. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    Anyone ever done RV camping? What's your best advice for people trying it for the first time? Some people say once you go RV, you never go back . . .
    20 June 2012    Like · Comment
  6. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    One of the best things about festival season is seeing so many amazing musicians all within 72 hours. And it's even better when they team up and create some brand-new, awesome compositions.

    What's the best festival sit-in or guest appearance you've seen?
    13 June 2012    Like · Comment
  7. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    Check out Headstash's coverage of Summer Camp . . . Have you ever been to Summer Camp? What festivals have you hit this year so far?
    06 June 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Kate
      I've gone to Emissions, Symbiosis, The Hangout and Wakarusa. Definitely have heard awesome things about Summer Camp -- really want to check it out! Anyone else going?
      06 June 2012
    2. Anis
      Anis, San Francisco
      I've also heard awesome things about it. Wish I were going!!
      06 June 2012
  8. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    What's your favorite kind of music to see when the sun goes down? Bluegrass, electronic, dubstep, jam, rock or something else completely?
    30 May 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Anis
      Anis, San Francisco
      Bluegrass - wish I were seeing some tonight!
      31 May 2012
  9. music-and-festivals
    Music & Festivals
    Summer Camp is just a few days away, check out some fan testimonials, explaining what makes the festival so special. What's your favorite festival moment in recent memory?
    23 May 2012    Like · Comment
  10. Joshua
    hey ya'll anyone on here goin to all good this year? Im goin alone and tryin to mae some friends
    21 May 2012    Like · Comment
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