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This Community Network is for all the hitchhikers in the Tripping Community. Whether you're just beginning or you've lived your life on the road since you can last remember, this is your place to connect with your fellow hitch hiking Trippers from around the world.
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  1. naba
    naba, Kathmandu
    welcome to NEpal for travelling. also possible for the family home stay
    19 December 2012    Like · Comment
  2. Longhaul
    Longhaul, Venice
    Hello people :)

    I intend to do an unconventional trip around Hungary, and about logistics I intend to hitchhike mostly.

    I am interested in knowing from those of you who hitchhiked throughout Hungary how would you rate hitchhikeability in this country, on a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is pointless and 10 is very easy. Also, please indicate the average age of the people who picked you up.

    I thank you in advance and I wish you to have even a better day ;)
    28 June 2012    Like · Comment
  3. hitchhikers
    Welcome to the Hitchhikers Network! :)
    08 March 2012    Like · Comment
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