About Dartmouth Off-Campus Programs
Dartmouth College offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to study off-campus and earn credit toward their degree. The four main categories of opportunities for off-campus study are Dartmouth Language Study Abroad (LSA and LSA+); Dartmouth Foreign Study Programs (FSP); Dartmouth Exchange Programs; and Transfer Credit from another four-year, degree-granting, academic institution unaffiliated with Dartmouth College.
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"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." -tim cahill

Dartmouth Off-Campus Programs

Welcome to the Dartmouth Off-Campus Programs Tripping Network!

This is a private Network for students who have or currently are participating in an Off-Campus Program (OCP) at Dartmouth. As a member, you can connect with other Dartmouth students, alumni, faculty and staff members all around the world.

     When traveling...
You can meet local members of the OCP Network wherever you go. For example, imagine going to Paris and meeting up with other students who are also a part of the OCP Network that are currently studying there.  They'll give you travel tips, talk to you about living in their city over shared cups of coffee and even invite you into their homes. Your trips will instantly become more colorful, cultural and memorable.
When at home...
Not going anywhere for a while? You can welcome other students and also connect with local members of the OCP Network wherever you are. In addition to expanding your personal and professional networks, you'll have fun connecting with other members for conversation, parties, dinners and other local activities.

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