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Bodhi Surf S.A. is located in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica. This small town is still relatively untouched by the development that has taken place in other regions of Costa Rica. Here, you can experience the Pura Vida way of life amidst the breathtaking scenery, where the jungle, the ocean, and the mountains meet.
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  1. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Did anyone else see last night's "supermoon"? Did you find yourself lying awake last night?
    Tonight’s full moon is the third ‘supermoon’ of 2013
    If you were out last night or early this morning, did the full moon appear a bit bigger and brighter than it usually does? If you thought so, it might be because this full moon is the third 'supermoon' of … Continue reading →
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  2. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Have you ready yoga teacher Pilar's thoughts on what yoga and surfing share in common?
    Bodhi Surf
    Recently I took a surf lesson with my beautiful hubby, one of the many benefits of being married to a Bodhi Surf instructor. I am still in the learning phase so the lesson consisted of theoretical instruction as well as lots of paddling and falling, but needless to say, I had a wonderful time. I [.....
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  3. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Why Being Beside The Seaside Is Good For You...
    Why Being Beside The Seaside Is Good For You
    By: By Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer Published: 06/28/2013 08:29 AM EDT on LiveScience WASHINGTON — The age-old wisdom that being near the seaside is good for your health may be true, studies suggest. People often focus on the threats the ocean poses to human health, whether it's storms and floods, harm...
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  4. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Get to know Amy Work, Ocean Guardian May 2013! Amy is Empowering Community Members in Uvita, Costa Rica via the GEOPORTER program.
    Bodhi Surf
    After 9 months in a foreign community, Amy Work of Geoporter sure has made herself a native. Work, a geospatial educator came to the community of Bahia Ballena via the GEOPORTER program, which has the mission to travel to communities around the world for extended periods to work hand-in-hand with co...
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  5. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Check out our June Newsletter!
    Bodhi Bungalow Now Open
    The Bodhi Bungalow is now open and ready for guests. It took a year and a half for the bungalow to turn from an idea to an actual structure, and we are very pleased with the results. The bungalow has 2 Queen-sized beds, a single bed, a bathroom, fully-equipped kitchenette, and spacious deck.
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  6. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Wahoo! Progess :) "L.A. on Tuesday became the newest and by far the largest city to back a ban on plastic grocery bags"
    L.A. approves ban on plastic grocery bags
    Attention Los Angeles shoppers: The plastic bag is disappearing from more than just the supermarket. L.A. on Tuesday became the newest and by far the largest city to back a ban on plastic grocery...
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  7. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    The #OakleyPro Bali surf contest is on! Spend your Monday evening watching some epic surfing in one of the most intense surf spots on the planet...
    Oakley Pro Bali Live Webcast
    Watch the Oakley Pro Bali Live Webcast here and stay up to date on all the action. Play #TheClaim, a heat by heat interactive contest, to win prizes from Oakley, SURFER Magazine and the chance to be entered to win a Kawasaki Jet Ski.
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  8. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Read our blog post about some of the pros of having some local help with your Costa Rican vacation planning:
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  9. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    Hoping for the best! Surfers and ocean lovers must come together to protect precious resources like the ocean, and places like Trestles.
    Save Trestles
    The TCA continues their efforts to build the 241 Toll Road through San Onofre State Beach and Trestles.
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  10. bodhi-surf-school
    Bodhi Surf School
    INSANE SURFING. Bored at work? Watch the highlights from yesterday's Fiji Contest...

    From, Your Surf-Obsessed Friends At Bodhi Surf School
    Final Day Highlights!
    Tavarua Fiji - June 2-14, 2013 - A World Tour Event
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