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Backpacking is an excellent way to travel, as it enables you to step into the local culture and have authentic (and affordable) travel experiences. If you've ever slung a pack over your shoulder and headed out in search of adventure, our Network is for you.
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  1. Edith
    Edith, Montréal
    Hello there, i will be visiting Guatemala from Oct 26-Nov 9...
    Can't wait... Anyone from Guate here? Tips and all are welcome!
    17 June 2013    Like · Comment
  2. naba
    naba, Kathmandu
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    19 December 2012    Like · Comment
  3. Gaurav
    Gaurav, New Delhi
    Hey if anyone is travelling to India and passes New Delhi let me know maybe i can be of help :)
    26 August 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Sugeng
      Wow, someday i'm travelling to India, so you must help me :D
      11 December 2012
  4. Fita
    Hello, My name is Fita and I'm still newbie in backpacking. anyone, can you help me ? :) :) really want a lot of advice :D
    22 July 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Edith
      Edith, Montréal
      Hi Fita, contact me if you want! :) I'm relatively new to backpacking too (2 years), but I'm so passionate about it! :)
      17 June 2013
  5. Kimberley
    Kimberley, Brundall
    Hey guys

    My names Kimmay and new to tripping.I recently finished a psychology Degree got a job and yearned to travel everyday i was at work so last week I quit my job and decided to go travelling i leave on the :
    27th July for the Philippines for 2months ,
    Arrive in Vietnam 27th Sep,
    Arrive in Cambodia 27th Oct,
    Arrive in Laos 27th Nov
    Arrive in Thailand 27th Dec
    Arrive in Malaysia 18th Feb 2013
    Arrive in Indonesia 26th Feb 2013



    Im totally free for meet ups, coffee,meal or party adventure so message me if your in any of these place at these times.

    Kimmay xx
    14 July 2012    Like · Comment
    1. naba
      naba, Kathmandu
      hello, freind welcome to Nepal. best for the trekking and sightseeing in the foot of the himalaya
      19 December 2012
    2. ,
      Dear Kimberley, Brundall.

      I'm, Bobby Yuskar, an English Teacher lives in Jakarta,Indonesia. If you do have a plan to travel to Indonesia, let me know at or text me at 62-815-8444-5231. I can help you with several things that you need to know about traveling in my country (Customs, Cultures, and Cheap-affordable (high quality) things. Nice to meet, you. Hopefully, we can be a best friend so that I can travel to your country or city in the near future. Have a nice travel day!!! Keep up the good travelling spirit!!!!!!!
      12 January 2013
    3. Eric
      Eric, Siem Reap
      You'll surely love Siem Reap Cambodia...
      01 August 2013
  6. Kayla
    Kayla, Los Angeles
    Hello! New to all if this and hoping to make some friends. My boyfriend and I are planning to backpack for a year in August. Any advice?!
    15 February 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Dew
      Dew, Boulder
      come to Colorado along the way, you will never forget it, all areas are beautiful, have fun!
      02 November 2012
    2. Edith
      Edith, Montréal
      don't overestimate the number of pair of shoes you'll need... (true story!) :) where will you backpack?
      17 June 2013
  7. Rod
    Rod, San Antonio
    Best cultural and natural experiences occur in and near small villages so if you are in Belize, check out
    03 January 2012    Like · Comment
  8. ebru
    ebru, Istanbul
    We invite you to experience Faros Hotel Istanbul which is a boutique hotel located at Sultanahmet, the old city of Istanbul designed for the travellers who yearns a unique alternative to traditional hotels with the personalized service and perfect balance between traditional comfort and latest facilities.
    22 December 2011    Like · Comment
  9. ebru
    ebru, Istanbul
    Faros Hotel Sirkeci is situated in Istanbul’s historical peninsula. The Hotel is within walking distance of Istanbul's most historic attractions, including Hippodrome area ; Hagia Sofia, Blue mosque, Topkapı Palace, Basilica Cistern,etc…
    22 December 2011    Like · Comment
  10. Susanne
    Susanne, Tilburg
    There's a Free Hugs event in London this Saturday! Wanna join? Just show up at Trafalgar Square at 2pm!
    31 August 2011    Like · Comment
  11. Tara
    Tara, Murfreesboro
    Heading for my very first backpacking adventure ever and I'm heading Europe Saturday! Any helpful hints/ resources from more experienced folks?
    07 July 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Goran
      Goran, Fort Lauderdale
      You must be back by now and already an experienced backpacker =)
      28 October 2011
  12. backpackers
    Hey everyone! What are your tips and tricks for when you're on the road?
    06 February 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Bianca
      Bianca, San Francisco
      Free wifi at McDonald's and Starbuck's in the US - comes in handy when you're on the road!
      25 February 2011
    2. Goran
      Goran, Fort Lauderdale
      Pack light and live off the land.
      28 October 2011
  13. Anis
    Anis, San Francisco
    Awesome article about Tripping on the Savvy Backpacker site! []
    26 January 2011    Like · Comment
  14. Bianca
    Bianca, San Francisco
    Backpacking rocks!
    13 January 2011    Like · Comment
  15. Tripping
    Tripping, San Francisco
    Welcome to the Tripping Backpackers Network! Have fun sharing stories of your adventures and what you've learned along the way with fellow intrepid backpackers from around the world.
    09 January 2011    Like · Comment Terms of Useclose
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