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This Community Network is designed for Tripping members who love and appreciate wine. Whether you're a first-rate sommelier or simply enjoy the liquid of the gods, join this network to talk and taste your way around the world of wine!
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  1. Carl
    Carl, Funchal
    Hi, I am new on this and do not know how this works, but follow the link to see our apartment.
    Our Madeira Holiday Apartment - Madeira Holidays
    The Monumental Green Park, Funchal, Madeira self catering holiday apartment accommodation and facilities
    23 November 2012    Like · Comment
  2. Dew
    Dew, Boulder
    Wine! what's not to love! We can host people and are looking to do some wine trips soon! If you come to Boulder/Denver,Co, let us know, we host 1-2 people and wil show you the ropes of Colorado wine! Cheers! see our profile for details! safe travels
    02 November 2012    Like · Comment
  3. Anis
    Anis, San Francisco
    Found this cool article - 'A wine geek's ultimate road trip': and wanted to share.
    19 February 2012    Like · Comment
  4. Sharon
    Sharon, Allentown
    I just bought this wine and looking forward to enjoying it. Vintage 2010 California from Cupcake vineyards. Any one tried this one before ?
    02 January 2012    Like · Comment
  5. Luciana
    Luciana, Edenvale
    I like wine. Wine is good. :)
    26 August 2011    Like · Comment
  6. wine-lovers
    Wine Lovers
    Where in the world have you had an unforgettable wine tasting experience? What made it so memorable?
    21 February 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Bianca
      Bianca, San Francisco
      Moravia in the Czech Republic - it was the end of our term abroad! Amazing wine, wonderful people and a midnight hike up a mountain... Unforgettable. :)
      25 February 2011
    2. Apo
      Apo, San Francisco
      Tuscany, along the Chianti hills. Immersed in hills and fields, we ate and drank like kings, and slept like babies afterwards. If anybody is going, contact me for tips about Tuscany
      06 June 2011
  7. Anja
    Anja, World
    Just a short "hello" ... and an info about one of the biggest trade fairs in the wine business - which is each year in march in Dusseldorf/Germany
    20 January 2011    Like · Comment
    1. wine-lovers
      Wine Lovers
      Thanks for this Anja! Are you going this year?
      20 January 2011
  8. wine-lovers
    Wine Lovers
    Anyone taste any noteworthy vinos recently?
    18 January 2011    Like · Comment
  9. Tripping
    Tripping, San Francisco
    Welcome to the Tripping Network for members who love their wines! Enjoy connecting with fellow members from around the world with wines from around the world. Cheers!
    09 January 2011    Like · Comment Terms of Useclose
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