VRBO, part of HomeAway, is one of the largest rental listing sites in the world. Listing your property on VRBO is one of the best ways to connect with renters online and ensures unrivaled exposure for your property. There are several options available to those seeking to list on VRBO and descriptions of these subscription options are contained in the article that follows. Please note all prices will include a $50 dollar discount if online booking is available on your listing.

VRBO Subscription Options

Classic: $399

Includes a one year subscription and lists below bronze level listings. Many owners are new to online rentals and need an option that allows them to test the waters in the market they are in or in the rental culture as a whole. This listing level is perfect for beginners or those who typically have a low volume of bookings. For owners new to online bookings, this is a great option. Making a conservative investment in the rental market is a great way to test the waters and plan for the future of your rental business.

Bronze: $499

Includes one year subscription and lists above classic and below silver listings. This is a really great option for owners who are a bit more secure in their rental business operation but still have mid-level or variable volumes of rentals. It offers wide exposure to potential renters at a great price that lets you retain capital to continue investing in your business so that you can sustainably offer your property to customers for years to come. A great choice for those seeking a more assertive place in the rental market for at a competitive price.

Silver: $699

Includes one year subscription and lists above bronze and classic and below gold. This mid-level option is a good choice for owners who are either accustomed to a high volume of bookings or are confident they could achieve a higher volume with greater exposure and promotion.

Gold $899

Includes one year subscription and lists above silver and below platinum. This is the subscription for the owner who is confident in their rental’s viability and want to ensure a greater degree of visibility and status on VRBO. Gold subscribers will be in good company with other highly regarded properties and can benefit from being associated with the quality offered by other Gold subscribers. This would be a great choice for owners in a competitive market who want to be seen before the majority of other listings while also being conscious of the price of listings.

Platinum: $1299

Includes one year subscription and listing above all other subscriptions. For owners seeking the most ambitious approach available, this is the best place a property can be listed in terms of exposure to the widest range of potential renters and associated properties. There is a great likelihood that owners in this subscription category will see a rise in inquiries that will make the cost of the subscription well worth it.

VRBO Subscription Bundles:

A bundle offers maximum value in that it allows you to maintain a single subscription across all of VRBO’s sites instead of having multiple listings. There are two bundles:

U.S. Bundle: $299 per year

Your listing will appear on VRBO, homeaway.com, and vacationrentals.com
This bundle is ideal for those mostly looking to rent to customers from the U.S. or who are listing property only in the U.S.

Global Bundle: $599 per year

Your listing will appear on: HomeAway.com, VRBO.com, VacationRentals.com and our top 22 international HomeAway sites including Abritel, HomeAway Denmark, HomeAway Sweden, HomeAway Norway, Homelidays.Italy, Homelidays Spain, Homelidays France, Fewo Direkt, Alugue Temporada, HomeAway UK, HomeAway Australia, HomeAway Spain, HomeAway Italy, HomeAway Netherlands, HomeAway Portugal, HomeAway Turkey, HomeAway Russia, HomeAway Poland, HomeAway India, HomeAway Greece, HomeAway Brazil, and HomeAway Austria. As you can see, this bundle offers owners fantastic exposure for their property in the international market.

To purchase a VRBO bundle:

●Sign into your account.

●If you have more than one listing, click the one you want to Bundle.

●Click Manage Listing Details to get to the property dashboard.

●Click Upgrade next to the U.S. Bundle or the Global Bundle.

●Follow the prompts to select the U.S. or Global Bundle.

●Enter your payment information.

●Click Place Order.