About Tujia

Tujia is a full service travel agency based in Bejing, China, which targets the Chinese travel market. The company is partnered with HomeAway, Inc, so some of Tujia's popular listings can be viewed on their site. Tujia has been called "China's Airbnb" by the Wall Street Journal, as its model is very similar to theirs: users of Tujia.com can post listings of properties that can be rented out as vacation or business rentals. However, unlike Airbnb, Tujia doesn't allow individual property owners to post listings of their homes on Tujia.com, owners have to go through property agents and managers first.

Tujia.com has more than 110, 000 vacation homes available in more than 150 destinations, predominantly located in China. Tujia is unique because it has an online-to-offline business model: Tujia built its own team of professionally trained employees and works with third-party property management companies to ensure their rentals are in pristine condition. Tujia focuses on mid to high end properties in China, many of which are second homes or investments of wealthy people living far away.

History of Tujia

Tujia.com was founded in 2011 by Jun Luo and Melissa Yang, a former Expedia and Microsoft executive who noticed on a family vacation to Hainan Island, China, a popular tourist destination, that many of the homes in the area were empty, but all of the hotels were packed. She then came up with the company idea to capitalize on the already abundant housing resources. Tujia.com raised $164 million in their series A, B and C funding rounds and over $250 million in their most recent round. The company has a valuation of over $1 billion.

Things to know about Tujia

  • Tujia.com has a dedicated team of about 1,500 members in Chinese cities that offer offline services including housekeeping.
  • The company has an app for mobile device users
  • Tujia has a one-stop service professional team to assist guests
  • They provide five-star hotel standard toiletries, linens, and supplies to every listing
  • All of their listings are high quality vacation rentals
  • Users can choose from top cities, featured homes and accommodation categories on their site including: seaside vacations, villas, apartments, B&B’s, and more.
  • The company is based in China and the majority of their listings are domestic, but their partner site, HomeAway, lists places abroad.

How to Use Tujia

What People are Saying about Tujia

"Like Airbnb, Tujia connects property owners with travelers looking for alternatives to hotels. But Tujia’s business model also includes a broader range of services, including inspecting and cleaning properties. Its website features more than 240,000 properties in 230 travel destinations across China. The company also offers vacation homes in overseas destinations such as Bali, Phuket and Tokyo for Chinese outbound tourists." - The Wall Street Journal

"Tujia is focusing on a couple of key aspects such as accentuating its expertise in understanding the local culture, be it for authentic local experiences or promoting unique architecture of the properties listed on its site." - Tnooz.com

“We have regional teams, and this aspect of our O2O model (online-to-offline business model) is our key differentiator. We can’t afford to miss out on key elements – rooms have to be clean, service has to be appropriate – so all our properties are professionally managed." - Melissa Yang, CTO of Tujia

Tujia Customer Service

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Domestic Customer Service Phone 400-188-1234 (open 24/7)
Overseas Customer Service Phone 400-188-1234 turn 2 (08:00 - 20:00)

010-58103993 (foreign visit)

Fax 010-59407171
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