About Tripz

Tripz is a vacation rental marketplace that has eliminated booking fees for travelers. This new site provides an easy way to have open communication between rental providers and renters. Tripz also gives rental providers complete control of their listings, unlike other sites. The company launched in 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 60,000 properties from around the world, Tripz makes it easier and more affordable to book vacations or list vacation properties available for rent.

Things to Know About Tripz

Tripz has established itself as a direct booking channel and the low cost leader in providing vacation rentals to travelers. In order to provide more personal and culturally integrated vacation experiences, Tripz only lists vacation rentals (as opposed to hotels).

Vacation Rentals Only

  • 60,000 unique vacation rentals
  • No hotels or resorts

Affordable Vacations

  • No booking fees for travelers
  • No commission fees for rental owners
  • Save up to 20% every time you book a vacation or post a rental property
  • Other sites have average fees of 12% and some are as high as 18%.

Open Communication

  • Talk with a property provider for a more personalized vacation experience
  • Contact providers directly via phone or email

How to Use Tripz

Tripz breaks down the vacation rental process into three easy steps: search, connect, and book. Search for a rental based on the geographic region of the world you want to travel to, such as Central America, the South Pacific, or Europe. Once you have found a rental you are interested in, you can request it by sending the owner a direct message or calling them directly. If you send a message, the owner’s response will go to your email account. You can then book directly with the owner, without the hassle of dealing with a third party or booking fees.

What Others are Saying About Tripz

“When booking direct or through an online platform, travelers shouldn’t be forced to pay extra fees and commissions, whether a traveler or a home owner. By empowering vacation rental owners to advertise in a commission-free environment, sites like Tripz.com provide better rates and savings for travelers.” -WBTV

Tripz Support

Tripz website: https://www.tripz.com

Tripz FAQs: https://www.tripz.com/help/

Telephone: +1 866-479-2819

Fax: (no fax number)

Email: [email protected]