is a website that was founded in 2009 by Roshan D’Silva to help travelers find vacation rental properties all over the globe.

TripVillas is headquartered in Singapore and has done a lot for the vacation rental industry in little time. The company credits itself as the first in the industry to launch “Instant Bookings” as well as the first to support “Holiday Communities” that allow multiple families to have holiday homes within a complex, and it’s the first to support “Holiday Rental Agencies” who work to facilitate multiple vacation homes for non-resident owners. TripVillas also claims to be Asia’s largest vacation rental company.

About TripVillas's Inventory

  • TripVillas works with an inventory of over 200,000 rental homes and apartments to give clients a wide range of options.
  • In December 2012, TripVillas launched their Asia sector that gives options for homes in India, Japan, Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand, and Philippines among others including homes in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya and Greece which also launched in 2012.
  • In June 2013, South America was launched with homes in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and more.
  • In February 2014, Europe launched with access to homes in countries like England, France, Spain, Italy, and more including Russia.
  • Most recently, in June 2014, TripVillas launched their North America sector.

Things to Know about TripVillas

  • With over 200,000 vacation rentals in their inventory, has already serviced half a million people in its short time and it continues to grow in the continually growing vacation rental industry.
  • Vacation rental owners can post their properties on directly.
  • According to D’Silva, owners frequently check in on their properties listed on TripVillas, with approximately 40 percent of owners checking every week and 15 percent checking every day.
  • offers a simple search to travelers on their main page, where they can search by location, check-in and checkout dates and how many guests they will have.
  • The site offers a “Popular Searches” page where those looking for vacation rentals can see what other people are looking for and what’s in high demand.
  • Users of the site can contact customer support via email as well as via telephone in four different countries including Bangalore, India; Sydney, Australia; Orlando, United States; and London, England.