About Safely

Safely, previously known as SafelyStay, offers trust verification services for property managers, homeowners, and guests. The company makes it easy to identify trusted vacation rentals, and also help with marketplace certification, insurance, vacation record, and guaranteed payments. Safely works with property managers, vacation rental marketplaces and online travel agencies to help provide guests and homeowners with peace of mind when sharing their extra space with strangers, and make travelers feel safe in their chosen vacation home.

Using Safely

Property managers who use Safely will make their homeowners feel more secure. Safely worked with top insurance underwriters to create comprehensive coverage for property managers, and combined it with strict procedures for guest verification. The result is an affordable, easy-to-use product that generates additional revenue for property managers: property managers have converted an additional 15% of new homeowners after using Safely.

Homeowners feel more peace of mind when using Safely because of Safely's industry-leading verification program. Trusted hosts can add Safely's insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000 to their rental property, and don't need to pay unless someone is staying at the property. Because most vacation rental homes are unused more than forty weeks out of the year, Safely has made sure to make their insurance policies priced on a per-night basis.

Guests can relax in the leadup to their stay, because all Safely properties have been verified. Photos of the rental properties are accurate, and there is a money-back guarantee if the property is not as it was described. Additionally, if something happens to a guest at a Safely-verified vacation rental, Safely will cover the guest as if the home were theirs.

Safely Products

Safely offers several products to provide easy solutions to common vacation rental problems. The company offers an industry-leading insurance policy that covers both homeowners and guests for property damage and bodily injury up to $1,000,000. Homeowners can apply for home certification, so that guests are more likely to book their homes. Guests can apply for guest verification so that homeowners are more likely to accept them for a future stay. Finally, Safely offers an easy-to-use API platform for property managers so that they can integrate Safely's leading technology for secure and safe bookings.