About SafelyStay

SafelyStay offers trust verification services for vacation rentals, including guest, host and home verification, marketplace certification, insurance, vacation record and guaranteed payments. They work with property managers, vacation rental marketplaces and online travel agencies to help provide guests and homeowners with peace of mind when sharing their extra space with strangers, and make travelers feel safe in their chosen vacation home.

SafelyStay Guest Verification

One of their most innovative products is SafelyStay Guest Verification, which is fully integrated into the booking process for all ZenRental properties on Since these properties can be booked instantly - just like a hotel - hosts can now verify the identity of their guests without needing to correspond with them first.

Hosts simply request Guest Verification and SafelyStay will check the guest's identify against dozens of national and international crime and fraud databases, in accordance with the privacy policies of the guest's home country. This verification process ensures the guest has no known record of fraud or criminal activity, so hosts can feel confident about renting their home.

SafelyStay Damage Waiver

SafelyStay's unique damage waiver offers unique protection for both guests and hosts. It is a one-time fee guests pay to cover any damages during their stay. Unlike with security deposits, with the Damage Waiver guests are protected against accidental damage fees, up to the covered amount. And hosts benefit significantly from the Damage Waiver as well. First, hosts typically receive more coverage via the waiver than they would with traditional security deposits. And secondly, with a Damage Waiver, hosts don't have to worry about refunds.