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Rentals United serves as an alternative channel manager that helps property suppliers to sell more bookings and work with multiple agents through the same control panel. Their site platform is based in the cloud, so Rentals United makes it easy for users to connect to their site without having to modify their business model. Their product helps property suppliers streamline their services and update their calendar availability and prices across multiple channels at once. With thirty sites available to partner with, you can be sure that thousands of people will see your listing.

Rentals United's History

Rentals United began as an alliance amongst a group of medium-sized online agents in order to increase traffic and sales to all affiliates. It was founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden and has expanded to have three offices in Europe. Some of the more well-known founders of Rentals United were also founders of ApartmentsApart, Holiday Velvet, Only Apartments, and Holiday Selection. Since then, the company has grown to accommodate the incoming traffic from other online agents and now works with thirty partners. Rentals United now has over 150,000 properties that use their services.

Things to Know About Rentals United

  • As a property owner or manager, you only have to update your pricing and availability in one place – Rentals United automatically updates all your other channels!
  • Rentals United can help expand your market so you can reach a larger audience without much extra effort or cost.
  • They have the most advanced channel management services in the industry.
  • The platform is cloud based so you won't have to change your model to help connect to it.
  • Rentals United will provide documentation and guidance to your programmers or help you contract one if you don't have one.
  • For helpful information about your listing - check the Rentals United blog for tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Rentals United can save you money by automating the work you would otherwise have to hire people to do.

How Rentals United works

Rentals United will help you distribute your information and photos to the sales partners of your choosing. They will update your information in real-time with your latest rates and availability so you can save time and money, while making your site more efficient. This also eliminates the problems that come with not having a real time feed such as double bookings. Rentals United will also update your rates and availability on the partner sites you are on. Along with updating your information on partner pages, Rentals United will send all information they collect from the partner sites and send them directly to your system. This will allow you to have records for everything done on your site including guest's details. Just by signing up with Rentals United, you will automatically be distributed onto a list of channels that include: Agoda, Alterkeys, and ApartmentsApart at no extra cost.

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