About myBookingPal

MyBookingPal is a travel company that helps connect vacation renters with travellers looking for a home away from home. MyBookingPal puts an emphasis on the renter, helping them to make their homes the best that they can be, as well as helping those on vacation to find their oasis. This company from California has been running since 2013, with 180,000 rentals over 5 continents.

Things to know about myBookingPal

MyBookingPal is really useful for renters and property managers looking to put their home on the market. MyBookingPal manages both sides, putting properties on the market as well as renting them out through their search engine.

How to use myBookingPal

Use myBookingPal’s search engine to find rentals all over the world. Specializing in North American rentals, destinations like Myrtle Beach, Lake Tahoe, and Cape Cod are big hits. With your destination, date, and number of guests, you can narrow down your search to a rental you’ll love. See the total price, as well as what that breaks down to per night. Lots of pictures, an overview, and a list of the amenities can help you make your decision. With all the information there, myBookingPal keeps things clear and simple for you — enjoy your no fuss vacation!

myBookingPal Support

myBookingPal website: https://www.mybookingpal.com/home/

Telephone: 949 333 0724

Email: [email protected]