About MilitaryByOwner is a search engine that was created to connect military members trying to rent out their properties with members who are stationed away from home. Knowing how difficult it is to build equity on a property when constantly on the move, the creators of have worked to bridge the gap between renters and hosts to help create a network that helps all military service members. The site was created with military service members in mind; with low fees, locations near every base (Domestically and Internationally), and a network that supports the mutual benefits that come with

MilitaryByOwner's History was created in 1999 thanks to a father and son's conversation about the disadvantages of moving around a lot in the military. Having served in the armed forces, both men understood what the difficulties are as servicemen and women trying to build equity. To overcome this issue, Dave Gran and his wife Sharon teamed up to create Since being founded, it has helped thousands of American servicemen and women rent their homes in the US and abroad.

Things to Know About MilitaryByOwner

  • When searching, you have the option of choosing location by state - the site will highlight the nearby bases that you can click on.
  • Listings have description and contact information on main search page, there is no need to open every listing.
  • When looking at the main listing page, you have the option to save and compare listings later.
  • There are pet-friendly options that are specified when you open the full listing.
  • Along with a description of the property, most listings also include nearby schools and amenities in the area such as public pools and parks.
  • If you are a host trying to list your home - they have set packages for you to choose from that include advertisements, signs for your lawn, and more!

How to Use MilitaryByOwner

When you load the homepage of the site, you will see two search options available. The first will allow you to search by state and military base. You also have the option to enter the MBO Ad number, but it is not necessary to start the search.

If you prefer to use the second option, you can choose a location by clicking on a state on the map provided. When you choose a state, the map will zoom in on the location you have chosen and will highlight the different bases in the area by branch. Click on a flag to search listings surrounding the base you have chosen.

What People Are Saying AboutMilitaryByOwner

An excellent resource for any military family moving to a new area. We found a ton of homes to choose from and rented a house 8 days later. This was the only site I used. Thanks! - Andrew, Customer

MILITARYBYOWNER ROCKS! We have used your service for three different homes we rent out, and we've yet to have a vacancy! Great access to people like us (military) looking for places to live or with places to rent. Thank You! - John, Customer

We have always preferred to have military tenants and using has been instrumental in focusing on our target audience. The process was fast, easy, and effective. I am definitely satisfied. Thank you. - Steven, Customer

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