About Magarenta

Magarental is a web agency that improves SEO for property managers. Based in Lugano, Switzerland, the company specializes in site indexing for apartment rental search engine optimization, but also offers several other services. Magarental’s primary work has been for Italian property rental companies, but is expanding to properties around the world. On social media, Magarental promotes properties from its clients.

Magarental’s blog offers useful information to property managers about improving social presence and SEO on their listings.

History of Magarental

Founded in 2011, Magarental describes itself as a young company with a young team. Magarental’s goal is to make operations management easier for property managers who are trying to rent their properties online.

Things to know about Magarental

Beyond SEO, Magarental offers the following services:

  • Website Graphics and Programming - the rental website is implemented with Magarental’s CMS, which is customized to the rental company’s specific needs. The customer is then able to manage the availability of the rental as well as the reservations. Additionally, Magarental designs the page with attractive travel graphics. For more information, you can view some of Magarental’s example webpages.
  • SEO - Magarental optimizes the rental company’s pages for specific searches to ensure good organic ranking results. The company’s SEO agency has a methodical strategy when working with each individual property owner - you can learn more about it here.
  • Booking Engine - Magarental implements a customized CMS for making reservations at your rental property. The software also works for Ecommerce, real estate, and hotel projects.
  • Coordinated Image - Magarental helps the rental company develop a strong image to represent the brand and improve brand recognition. Learn more about brand messaging with Magarental.
  • Social Marketing - Magarental helps companies develop strategies for their blog posts and PR pitches based on useful SEO tools and industry knowledge. Learn more about what they offer to improve communication about your property listing.
  • Web Marketing - Magarental offers advice on how to invest for a travel rental business with safe ROI. This includes research on Google Adwords and optimizing advertisements on social media channels. Find out more about Magarental’s web marketing strategy on this page.

Services start at $120 per month, and Magarental also offers a free trial. Additionally, Magarental can design rental websites for both mobile and desktop platforms and optimize for both of them.

In case you are also looking for help with design for your travel website, and work together to build a website that meets your expectations. The team is comprised mostly of designers, developers, and SEO experts in order to build a seamless rental site that is both visually interesting as well as stable and easy to use. Further extensions of the company include MagaEcommerce offers software for ecommerce sites and Magarealestate for real estate sites.

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