About HRS Holidays

HRS Holidays is a German vacation rental site with a large selection of properties in Europe. Search for an apartment, house, hotel, private room, and more. HRS Holidays has hundreds of partnerships with other travel websites, allowing it to automatically sift through all of them to find you the best available price.

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Things to Know About HRS Holidays

HRS Holidays has over 400,000 rental options in Europe. The company offers low price vacation rentals and has a lowest price guarantee policy. HRS Holidays also conveniently has an app for Android and iPhones, allowing you to book vacation rentals from anywhere. To gain more information about travel destinations and to receive exclusive offers and discounts, sign up for the free HRS Holidays Newsletter, which you can cancel at any time if you choose to.

Extensive options

  • Over 400,000 accommodation listings
  • 450 partner websites
  • Compares hundreds of providers for the best available offer


  • Subscribe to the free HRS Holidays Newsletter
  • Receive vacation tips
  • Get exclusive offers on accommodations

Availability on Multiple Platforms

  • Free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • For phones and tablets
  • Allows for quick search and secure booking
  • Share your favorite rentals with your friends

How to Use HRS Holidays

To find a vacation rental, simply select a destination and the number of adults and children who will be going. If you know the dates of your arrival and departure you can enter that information as well, or if not then you can select “travel dates are still unknown”. You can then filter through rental options based on several filters, including the accommodation type, star rating for hotels, distance to the ocean, and amenities such as balconies and saunas. Unlike some other vacation sites, the price shown is the actual price that you will be paying since there are on hidden fees. After booking you will receive a booking confirmation instantly.

HRS Holidays Support

HRS Holidays website: https://holidays.hrs.de

HRS Holidays FAQs:

Telephone: 0 221/2077 4770

Email: [email protected]