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Holiday Lettings has been providing fast and easy vacation rental service since 1999. Since then, they have been able to offer their users 550,499 listings in more than 160 countries worldwide. Holiday Lettings’ goal is to provide a high quality service that helps integrate guests into local communities with a multilingual customer service staff that is always ready to help. Along with its multilingual customer services, Holiday Lettings has created a sister site Niumba thats listings are translated into spanish.

Holiday Lettings' History

Holiday Lettings was founded in 1999 by Ross Elder and Andy Firth in Oxford, England. Thanks to its wide variety of rentals and great customer service, quickly became the UK’s largest independent vacation rental site. In 2010 was acquired by TripAdvisor, and since has continued to prosper as an independent brand.

Things to Know About Holiday Lettings

  • The site boasts 140,000+ privately owned holiday homes in 150+ countries
  • Booking and payment are available online and Holiday Lettings ensures that the processes are as safe and secure as possible.
  • Holiday Lettings’ reviews are written by guests via the TripAdvisor website, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Check the deals page for up to 20% off rentals.
  • Choose from a variety of accommodations including: villas, apartments, farmhouses, retreats, cottages, and beach houses.
  • Owners can choose to list for free, and pay a small fee on the bookings made, or pay a fixed fee for an annual listing.

How to use Holiday Lettings

Easily search for a destination on their website, browse listings and book - all in one place. If you don't know where you want to go, browse Holiday Lettings' most popular destinations for some inspiration.

What People Are Saying About Holiday Lettings

"It is good to know that we can trust the site, that the payment is protected, that the calendar works normally (very important) and that we can get in touch with the responsible of the property at any time." – Lewis A, Holiday Lettings Customer

"What an amazing experience. We had the best holiday of our lives. The villa is not only situated at the most exclusive address in Phuket, but is located oceanfront, and offers complete privacy. The staff was fantastic, very friendly and professional. The level of service was out of this world." – Holiday Lettings Customer

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