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Glamping Hub is a travel search engine focused on reinventing the way we travel. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is an up-and-coming trend that allows travelers to think past conventional lodging and take a new perspective on traveling. Glamping Hub's passion for glamping comes from the many benefits that come with it: it allows guests to get close to nature, have a unique travel experience, and it includes endless adventure. With unique rentals located all over the world that appeal to every type of traveler, there is sure to be an option perfect for you.

Glamping Hub's History

Glamping Hub started as a side project for David Troya while he was doing a Masters in Business in San Francisco, California back in 2012. He co-founded the company with Ruben Martinez with hopes that the luxury camping would be the next great trend in the travel industry. Since then, the company has grown from two to ten employees and has now has an estimated market size of $2 billion.

Things to know about Glamping Hub

  • If you want to list a unique property, Glamping Hub offers free custom profiles and optimized tools to all hosts without any contracts!
  • Glamping Hub only allows top-notch hosts and accommodation to appear on their site.
  • There are accommodations located in 80+ countries worldwide - such as South Africa, Thailand, and Portugal.
  • Unless hosts are in remote locations with limited access to wifi, guests can expect a response time of 24-48 hours on requests.
  • There are collections of accommodations made by Glamping Hub to help you find the perfect accommodation for your next vacation!
  • Make someone's day - buy a special adventurer a gift card that they can use to plan their next vacation!

How to Use Glamping Hub

When you first open the Glamping Hub page, you will immediately be met with the option to search by location, date, and number of guests. If you know where you would like to go, enter the location and press explore. If you also know the dates and number of guests traveling with you, enter them now as well to help Glamping Hub customize your search.

If you do not know where you would like to go and need some inspiration, scroll down on the home page and you will have the option to discover featured hosts, search through the highest rated properties, or check out the most popular sites available on the page. Users can browse interesting accommodation in a long list of regions around the world, from Europe and the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Asia, and everywhere in between.

What People are Saying About Glamping Hub

"Glamping Hub’s integration of reservation functionality takes the platform to the next level, offering families, groups, couples and singles access to unique and off-the-grid destinations where they can enjoy their weekends and precious vacation time." - Travel Daily News

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