About FlatClub

Flatclub is a rental site that connects hosts and guests through free clubs facilitated by FlatClub. The goal of these clubs is to connect people with hosts that they know or at least have commonalities with. By doing so, the fear of renting from a stranger or having a stranger stay at your home is eased. Whether you rent from an old classmate or someone who works for the same company as you, you can feel safe during your stay by using FlatClub.

Things To Know About FlatClub

  • When you make a payment to FlatClub, your host does not receive it until 72 hours after you've checked in
  • FlatClub hosts love long-term bookings so the site is perfect for long business trips, study abroad programs, or students taking graduate courses
  • By joining one of the FlatClub 'clubs' - you are able to access discounts and exclusive listings that are shared within the network
  • Many universities have alumni clubs that make staying connected and traveling on a budget a breeze
  • FlatClub has the best medium-stay listings for top destinations like London, New York, and Dublin

How To Use FlatClub

To start your search, enter a location in the search bar on the top left of the homepage, along with your preferred dates and number of guests. You will then be taken to a search results page like the one below. Here you will be able to further customize your search to include the type of flat, number of beds, and types of amenities you will be wanting. If you are looking for a specific location in the city of your choosing - use the interactive map to find a place close to your work, school, or desired tourist sites.

Flatclub has in interesting feature on its search results page that makes it unique from other rental sites. After you submit your request, you are asked where you will be spending most of your time. By entering more specific data, the site will automatically reconfigure your search results to help meet your need.

Another benefit to booking with FlatClub is that their hosts like long term stays unlike many other rental sites. So if you are looking to move and don't a set timeline, FlatClub gives you the flexibility you need.

What People Are Saying About FlatClub

“FlatClub really helped me out with booking accommodation, and the welcome package was really nice!”

- Marc, FlatClub customer

“Warm and comfortable, it was so nice to spend our nights cooking and watching DVDs after a whole day of tours. We absolutely recommend it for short stays! Jessica was really kind and always managed to meet us halfway to satisfy all our needs.”

- Alessia, flatclub customer

“The entire experience was absolutely fantastic! The interface is very easy to use. The process of searching for places and booking is simple and secure and best of all you end up making new friends during the process!”

- Puneet, flatclub customer

FlatClub Customer Service

Email: [email protected]

UK: +44 (0) 20 7043 0909

US: +1 646 693 7088

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