Founded in 2000, e-domizil is a leading vacation and holiday home site based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company was created with the goal of making it easy for travelers to search and book holiday homes and apartments online. With over 450,000 properties, e-domizil is a great source for travelers looking for rental accommodation, and also a choice listing site for property managers and owners.

Things to Know About e-domizil

  • Founded in 2000, e-domizil has 16 years of industry experience
  • Property managers and owners can list directly through e-domizil
  • Customers can find a variety of accommodation on the site, including homes, cottages, cabins and villas
  • e-domizil states that one of its objectives is to become a leading supplier in Europe
  • The e-domizil site can read in German, Italian, French and English
  • Below is a list of popular contries on e-domizil
Greece Denmark Italy
Sweden Austria Poland
Portugal Hungary Holland
Turkey Cyprus Croatia
Norway Montenegro Finland
Spain Iceland Switzerland
Slovenia Germany Albania
Slovakia Belgium Bulgaria

e-domizil Phone Number:

0848 845 000 from Switzerland

+41 43 210 55 55 from abroad+45 3914 3555

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