About Airbnb Reviews In 2017

All of the reviews on Airbnb have been written by hosts and travelers from the Airbnb community. Upon the end of a reservation, both the host and guest may review each other via an Airbnb review.

According to Airbnb's former review system, reviews would publish as soon as they were submitted. That system was changed so that now, reviews are published only after both the host and guest have submitted their reviews. Consequently, the host and guest cannot read the reviews until both have been submitted.

How to Write a Review on Airbnb

Guests can leave a review by going to Edit Profile> Reviews> Reviews By You. Each review must be 500 words or less and follow Airbnb's review guidelines. Airbnb encourages those writing reviews to exclude full names and addresses.

Editing a Review on Airbnb

You can edit your review within 48 hours after it’s been written, or until your host or guest completes their review. While logged into your Airbnb account, you can edit a review in the ‘Reviews By You’ section mentioned above.

Airbnb Review Removal

Airbnb can remove or alter a review that violates the review guidelines. Guests and hosts cannot change or remove received reviews.

Reading Reviews on Airbnb

Guests can see their review history, including reviews about the guest and reviews written by the guest by visiting Edit Profile > Reviews. Here, guests can publish a public response to a review written about them.

Airbnb Star Ratings

Guests can leave a variety of star ratings to the listings they’ve stayed in. There is one primary star rating as well as categorical star ratings. The star rating shown at the top of a listing is an aggregate of all of the primary ratings guests have given to that listing.

The categorical ratings can be viewed at the bottom of a listing page. A host must receive three guest reviews before their aggregate rating appears.

Airbnb's Star Rating System

  • Cleanliness
  • Check In
  • Communication
  • Value — This factor is meant to capture the overall value of a guest’s experience
  • Accuracy

What Others are Saying

In the Business Insider article titled "After a disappointing Airbnb stay, I realized there's a major flaw in the review system", the writer suggests that Airbnb users refrain from leaving honest, negative reviews to avoid having negative feedback attached to their name because reviews are not anonymous.

"As a longtime Airbnb host, I’ve found the site’s reviews system—which allows hosts and and guests to leave detailed recounts of their experiences—to be absolutely vital to the overall experience. The system creates incentives for hosts to go the extra mile, and for guests to follow the campsite rule and leave the room in as good a shape as they found it. It’s no exaggeration to say that reviews are the glue that keep the sharing economy together, instilling a potentially chaotic or unpredictable process with a sense of humanity and order... " - Seth Porges, Forbes Contributor

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