Update: As of July, 2017, Roomorama is no longer in business. Looking for a vacation rental? Using to find the perfect vacation rental. is the world's #1 vacation rental search engine.

About Roomorama is a short-term rental solution for travelers looking for unique and professionally-managed places to stay.

With a selection of over 300,000 properties across 6,000 destinations worldwide, Roomorama offers mid-range to high-end properties, most of which are professionally managed. The user-friendly platform lets users register for free and book a property online for anywhere from 3 nights to 3 months. The Roomorama community is made up of corporate and leisure travelers with one common interest: they enjoy the experience of “living like a local” in friendly and exciting neighborhoods where hotels are usually not found.

Roomorama Instant Booking

Roomorama users are able to instantly book from a curated selection of European properties. By end of this year, the company plans to roll out instant bookings for properties in Asia.

Short-term Rental Solution

Roomorama provides a solution for the rising number of global nomads who are tired of cookie-cutter hotels and are looking for unique places to stay. Short-term rentals offer much more value for money as you get all the amenities of home, like WiFi, laundry facilities, living room, bedrooms and full-sized kitchen, without the hefty price tag. With Roomorama, you can now find professionally-managed, short-term rentals that you can book from the comfort of your own home or while on the go.

Roomorama History

Roomorama was founded by Jia En Teo and Federico Folcia, two business executives with a serious case of wanderlust. After renting out their New York City apartment to finance some of their own travels, Teo and Folcia quickly saw the shortcomings of listing their space through classified sites. But the demand for an easy way to list and book a vacation rental was clear. They launched Roomorama in 2009 to help locals share their space and make some extra cash while giving ever-curious travelers like themselves a way to experience destinations like the locals.

Things To Know About Roomorama

  • Roomorama reviews hosts based on a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating system. Guests also can leave comments about their experience that hosts are not allowed to alter or delete. This system his conducive to Roomorama's mission to build a global community of happy travelers and hosts.
  • The Roomorama app is available to iOS & Android users who want to list and or book a vacation on the go.
  • Funds are only transferred after guests have given a payment release code upon arrival. This ensures that guests get the accommodations they're expecting and hosts receive their money - everybody's happy!
  • Registration and login are quick and easy with Twitter, Facebook or Google.
  • As a Roomorama member, you'll have access to dozens of bargains through the Roomorama Perks program such as dining deals, exclusive sightseeing tours, and more!
  • Roomorama ShoutOuts is a community bulletin boards that allows guests who are having trouble deciding where to book a vacation to post their preferred dates, locations, amenities, etc. Hosts in the designated cities will receive a notification that someone is interested, and then they have the ability to respond with a pitch to the potential guest about how their property might be the perfect vacation rental for their needs.
  • Learn more about how Roomorama compares to other vacation rental websites like here!

What Others Are Saying About Roomorama

"In many cities like New York, London and Tokyo, a Roomorama flat is often less expensive than a hotel and offers the convenience of full kitchens and other amenities of home." -NBC New York

"[Roomorama] certifies hosts with good records and offers discounts from partners like Crunch gym." -Inc. Magazine