Most people who witness a drone thief fleeing the scene of the crime would helplessly watch, or Tweet about it at the most. But our founder and COO, Jeff Manheimer, is not most people.

Jeff was honored with the prestigious Civilian Commendation Award by the San Francisco Police Department in City Hall on March 11, 2015, for his heroic contribution to detaining a RadioShack robber last January.

On his ordinary Thursday morning walk to work on Jan 15, 2015, Jeff witnessed an altercation between a crook and two RadioShack employees. As the thief made an escape on his bike, Jeff reacted by taking him out in the middle of the intersection. He continued to hold down the robber until the police arrived to make an arrest.

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"Manheimer took the rare action of inserting himself into a situation with inherent danger and risk to his own personal safety to help the police," wrote Sgt. Mitchell Campbell of the Northern Police Station.

"This Good Samaritan displayed the willingness to risk his safety to help another…a willingness usually reserved by police officers, firefighters, members of our military, and a select few of our civilian population."

"I know what you guys deal with on a day-to-day basis, so it's the least I could do," Jeff said to the police department as he accepted the award.

The team is extremely proud to have a local hero leading the company. Congratulations, Jeff!